A Day in Ranthambhor

It was a hot summer morning in Ranthambhor National Park. Inhabitants had gathered around watering holes. Peacocks were trying to entice females. They had spread their feather widespread and strutting around. But deers around them had other worries. There was a rumour that a sambar deer has lost his life. In this era of social... Continue Reading →

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Sharma was looking at the bright sunny day and deep blue ocean from his hotel room window. He could see a young man hugging his girl friend on the roof top of adjacent house. “Something in the air, that arouses love and passion in people”, he thought. Inside, atmosphere was frosty. Mrs. Sharma was still... Continue Reading →


“This all expense paid holiday is becoming a torture than an enjoyment,” thought Sharma lying on an inflatable raft with his wife, sipping pineapple juice on the sea. Sharma could not reconcile his life with anything in this resort, be it high end room, high quality service, taut and toned bodied visitors, and price tags... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Italian Cooking

  “I am going out, shall be back by evening.” “I am making a new dish Shailaja, don’t go before you try.” “Mother has become adventurous;” wondered Shailaja, “she is experimenting with non Indian recipes!” “What’s cooking mother? Am I your only guinea pig?” “Today I am making Italian noodles.” “Italian noodles, mother! Its called... Continue Reading →

Duty vs. Dream

Mahesh was the youngest son of cloth merchant Kishan Lal. Every morning at 9 am Mahesh opened their family owned shop in the main market and oversaw business till 5 pm in the evening. Mahesh had to tally inventories, supervise sales and take care of cash box. Some days, he had to sit till 9... Continue Reading →

Water Front

“Dad where are we going?” “To the harborfront for a boat ride.” He was on a family holiday in Baltimore. They were to board the cruise ship, BIG RED BOAT, for a guided trip around the Baltimore harbor and beyond. Standing on the port side of the ship, he realized memory of another evening was... Continue Reading →

Hell of a Hike

Hiking through lush green forest trail, glimpse of tall mountains, thirst quenching cool water of mountain stream, camp by a gushing river, sit around a bonfire, who can ask for anything more! I could not pass up the chance when my friend Sri asked, “Sudhi, game for a hike to Khatling glacier?” “Sure! tell me... Continue Reading →

Wall Clock

The designer wall clock appeared to be a misfit in the small living room of Raja sahib. The exquisitely designed clock was acquired at a time, when the royal fortune was on the wane. Royal palace was rented out to a hotel group. Family heirlooms were being sold, discreetly, to maintain royal lifestyle. The clock... Continue Reading →


The big object, with white patches on head and back, had been lying on the water body close to the forest since time immemorial. For some odd reasons only known to government, officials came to have a look at it. Rumor spread that the THING will be removed. In a meeting of village elders, organised... Continue Reading →

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