A Day in Ranthambhor

It was a hot summer morning in Ranthambhor National Park. Inhabitants had gathered around watering holes. Peacocks were trying to entice females. They had spread their feather widespread and strutting around. But deers around them had other worries. There was a rumour that a sambar deer has lost his life. In this era of social... Continue Reading →

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The line of her favorite tune, “We’ll both forget the breeze most of the time,”kept coming back to her. Deepa felt happy this special morning. Deepa and Deepak met on this day for the first time. Deepa is sensing of late Deepak is no longer in the marriage. To night, Deepa wanted to surprise Deepak.... Continue Reading →


“This is our new home for the summer,” said Madhav dropping his meager belonging on the ground under the bridge, “few people from our village are also here; place has some privacy and it will be cool during summer days.” Consecutive years of drought, have forced farmers like Madhav migrate to towns in search of... Continue Reading →

Green Cover

Neighborhood has lost the court battle with city council. A car park is going to come up on this piece of land. Contractor has moved in armed with a court order and an earthmover in tow. “Where shall we play, grandma?” asked an anxious kid, “so many birds also will become homeless, will they not?”... Continue Reading →

A Great Deal

Either side of the entrance to the stairs had two giant horse heads. The purpose of these structures was not clear to anyone. No one from town council was available to explain.  “Look carefully, at the eyes!” one man said, “don’t these eyes appear to be cameras?” “Come on you scilly! Who will watch over... Continue Reading →

Young Achiever

Alternately blinking decorative neons were announcing “Happy Deepavali” and “Baweja Wine and Beer Mart”. Baweja’s is the only liquor shop in the high end neighborhood of “Heavenly Hearth”. A locality where rich and powerful have their farmhouses for spending weekends and holidays in peace and quiet, away from city. An imported red colored Ferari screeched... Continue Reading →

Art Outreach

  “We need to create an awareness for art in the society, at large. Then and only then, our funding problem may be solved,” opined dean of art school. I recognised the location of this week’s outreach program office from the artwork hanging from a tree. Barring a few chairs and kit bags, not a... Continue Reading →

Leadership Training

“So many color tubes!” wondered Harsh, “what does the trainer has in mind, now?” For last two days Harsh, a mid level executive in a corporate organization, has been attending this leadership and team building workshop. “Remember participants, it is important to be transparent, fair and clear in your minds. You have to take every... Continue Reading →

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