Soumya Viswanathan

A young journalist
Soumya Viswanathan,
one night on her way home
found dead of
mysterious reason.

Call her bold or adventurous,
she was out there for a purpose,
to return home,
to her family’s bosom.

She did not return to her hearth,
may be her place of birth.
She was to take a vacation,
instead she left for a
different destination.

This is not an isolated incidence,
we must stop such recurrence.
Will authorities please awaken,
in this city of murder and mayhem.
Stop hogging privileges at our expense,
please release police
that is meant to serve us, the public
so that our daughters return home safe,
whether evening or day break.


Encounter in September
Police in september,
undertook an encounter,
raided a residential apartment
in search of terror suspect.
A gun battle followed,
lot of blood flowed,
police lost a brave officer
terrorists lost important cadre.

Society heaved a sigh of relief,
at last we are free of our grief.
Slowly dust started to settle,
questions began to rattle
Some called police hero,
others said murderer.

Commoners like me are confused,
can we mistrust our own police force?
Can they really act like a murderer,
kill innocent people in encounter,
in broad day light, under public glare?

I want to understand and appreciate,
in these times of social turbulence,
we must show more tolerence,
there may be a lot of inconvenience,
these are difficult circumstance.

What about lives lost?
A father of ailing son, two
sons of hapless mom!
These are also human lives,
in these turbulent times,
what if we are wrong?

O’ Indian

Wake up O’ Indian, Hindu, Muslim or
Christian. Under tension, Indian nation.
Scant resource, large population, illiteracy
and corruption, now joined by terrorism.

Unimaginative leadership have fragmented
society, oppurtunistic politicians fanning bigotry.
Corrupt, greedy and dishonest our present
day icon, how long will you sleep, wake
up O’ Indian.

Blast after blast tear apart, as an expression
of violent wrath. Shattered hope, broken
home, generation lost to hopeless cause. Act
now O’ Indian, tomorrow may be your turn.

Look within O’ Indian, tap into inner vision,
take us all along, towards a brighter dawn,
where might is not always right, money does
not talk, and sun’s light fall equally on healthy or disable.


Left for its maiden mission
the unmanned rocket – Chandrayaan.
Scientists claimed what a feat!
sheer waste, declared critic.

Oh critic! mind your language,
rejoice, nation’s techno prowess.
Poverty is our permanent companion,
let it not spoil a proud occasion.

Construct society
for everyone to succeed,
rich or poor, independent
of caste and creed.
Create opportunity,
not give dole,
people can find
a wayout, even of black hole.

Not right to pit one issue against
the other, for a developing nation
both are important matter.
Since independence
we have spent billions,
in dollars, pound and cent
but on the poverty front,
we could hardly make a dent.