Indian Hydrogen Bomb Debate : A Misplaced Sense of Patriotism

India conducted two nuclear explosion experiments. Once for atom bomb and second time for hydrogen bomb. This capability is perceived to serve as a deterrent in an increasingly hostile neighbourhood. Besides, it gives Indian nuclear scientists a sense of achievement and the nation a sense of pride.
The consequence of nuclear explosion is invocation of sanction from develped world. As a result we cannot access nuclear technology for peaceful purpose – medical use, scientific use as well as for common public good like power generation. In addition, economic blockade will affect our ability to get external funding for nonnuclear related matter. Which in turn will affect common public more than elite who have access to government and personal resource.
In this background I find Dr Santhanam’s assertion that India’s themonuclear explosion was a failure and India needs to conduct two more tests, a bit surprising. Firstly, he kept quiet for 10 years. He also apparently is part of nuclear scientists that opposed Indo US civil nuclear cooperation. Given the potential consequence of another explosion to common public we should abstain. Besides nuclear bomb is a deterrent for someone afraid of losing something. Not lunatics of ultra extremist fringe. Anyway, they are targeting us at will despite nuclear capability. A point to consider, in the event of a nuclear war will there be anyone to keep score of death due to atomic explosion and hydrogen bomb explosion?
I think a paranoia is being hyped up by vested interest groups in the guise of nationalism, which apparently is misplaced.


Austerity Drive

Indian national congress is going into austerity drive. It may be a good idea to improve public percepton of politicians. Congress party has asked its ministers to give up flying business class. Two ministers living in a hotel suite were asked to vacate, even when their official residence was not ready and ministers were footing the bill on their own.
It is accepted that uncouth show of wealth is abominable. But one size fits all attitude may come in the way of functioning of government departments. It is accepted that austerity must come from within. It cannot be made a straight jacket. We are trying to come out of protracted socialism. When people advocated austerity infront, but practiced corruption behind. Certainly poverty did not come down during socialist rule and austerty drive.
Please leave practice of austerity to individuals. Austerity does not necessarily mean honesty and efficiency. Please bring efficiency and honesty in public dealing. Lift people from poverty so that they can choose to practice austerity by choice not by compulsion.

Indians cannot build drain

Monsoon has finally arrived. Temperature has come down. Tempers are up. Long traffic pile up. Angry and impatient drivers. Roads overflowing with water. Big pot holes and craters. Open manholes. It isfrustrating, scary and nerve wrecking.
I wonder why can we not build decent drains. Is it not in our genes? Do we not understand and appreciate civil engineering? Every year it rains our roads are flooded. Why don’t we anticipate?
What about road quality? Is it pure corruption or ineptitude? Beats me. Our brand new multi million dollar airport leaks, gets filled up with water and loses its roof. This was built by private company and with foreign expertise. Did we manage tomake them corrupt and ineficient like us? Or they were like us only. You tell me.