Jaipur Palace Part II

Jaipur Palace a Different Facade
A Close Up View of Balcony
A View of Window for Ladies to Look View Outside
An Assembly Hall

A Silver Jug that Contained Ganges Water when King Travelled to England
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Politicians Never Learn

India is one country that has lost two prime ministers to terrorist violence. Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the mighty congress leader, was gunned down in her residence by her body guards. Genesis of the act lied in operation bluestar authorized by Indira Gandhi. The operation was initiated to flush out militant sikh religious leader Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale from golden temple, the holiest place of worship for sikh community. Jarnail Singh was killed along with many of his associates. Also died were many innocent pilgrims who were caught in the crossfire.
Before Mr. Bhindrawale became a saint and a militant leader, he was propped by congress party and Mrs. Gandhi to counter balance Akali dal. Mr. Bhindrawale visited Delhi riding on top of a bus with open sword in hand. As Bhindrawale tasted blood, he became a power centre himself. He wanted to create a separate state out of Punjab, called Khalistan. Any one who opposed his vision, was simply gunned down. Many hindus and Sikhs have lost their lives to mindless violence. Saga ultimately ended with death of Bhindrawale and Mrs. Indira Gandhi.
Based on this historical past, which is less than 50 years old, it would be realistic for congress party not to play the politics of propping up of religious leaders. However, the same story was being replayed again by great secular party congress. Congress has never shied away from propping religious leaders for political gain. Haryana congress cultivated Sant Rampal. A self styled god man who has a charge of murder hanging over his head. During ten years of congress rule in Haryana, Sant Rampal not only avoided arrest he managed to raise a private army. Like Bhindrawale, Rampal has taken devotees to act as shield. When police went in to arrest Rampal, goons attacked police. A few police officers were injured. 

A party that had ruled the state for 10 years continuously but did nothing on Rampal issue. It is alleged that chief minister’s wife was a devotee. Devotee of a muscle man! The party that sheltered a goon in the name of a god man, is now criticising a less than a month old new BJP government for not acting. A similar story played out during congress rule in Rajasthan, when another god man, Asaram Bapu, tried to evade arrest by letting loose his goons on journalist and police. Asaram was charged with rape of a teenage girl. It is so strange that Congress and in that sense any political party will never get the lesson. For political expediency congress will do anything. If necessary support goons, even terrorists. So much for secularism!

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Do You Believe in Astrology?

Do you believe in astrology”,

Question was thrown at him from the back seat of car. His aunt in law, was in a pensive mood. Question foremost in her mind was will she have to spend the life of a widow? She was seventy five year old and her husband eighty.  Both of them were reasonably fit compared to many of their counterparts in India. in laws were from Canada.  Like most non resident Indians, non resident in laws had firm and formed opinion of India. Astrology did not figure favourably with uncle in law. While aunt in law was more inclined to lean on it in her current state of mind. His uncle and aunt in law come to India every two years and visit relatives and places of interest. This time, he was accompanying them to a visit of Jaipur. Aunt in law was convinced travelling in an air conditioned SUV was the best way to see real India. Who was he to complain and criticise, especially when ride was comfortable and paid for. Many Indians also prefer to travel this way.
He was in a bind. What should be the right answer? Like believing in god or believing in ghost, astrology is pooh poohed by many people who call themselves rational.  He remembered hassle Dr. Murali Manohor Joshi faced as HRD minister in Bajpayee government, when Dr. Joshi wanted a start a course on astrology. If he said like many million Indian, he believed in astrology, as many millions of Indians do,  he ran the risk of being dubbed superstitious by uncle in law. Past experience taught him not to argue with in laws. He may win the battle, but a big war at home would be waiting which most likely he will lose. On the other hand, if answer was negative then conversation comes to a stop. That may beat the purpose of him accompanying them. After some deliberation, he said “if predictions work, I believe. If I do not like the predictions, I ignore”. That evoked a loud laughter from the back seat. Uncle in law dubbed him a fence sitter. Aunt in law also was not very happy. 

As the topic was being discussed, it made him to think. It is well accepted position of moon affects tide in river and ocean. If tides can be influenced by position of sun and moon, why can a persons physiology not be influenced in a similar way? A term lunatic was used to describe some people whose behaviour changed with position of moon. Lunatic comes from luna or something related to moon. At the end of the day, astrology tries to make prediction based on position of planets. For correct prediction it is imperative that accurate data is supplied about important events of a persons life. If data given is inaccurate, then the edifice of astrology may crash. It is important to understand that even if one gets the most accurate of predictions, is it really possible to alter the course of events? Is there any point in inviting agony ahead of time in anticipation of future events or else live in false pretence of potential good fortune? Human mind is a strange creature, it always wants to know what is beyond its reach. It wants to delve in the unknown. Never mind it may not be able to handle the outcome. 

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Jaipur Visit

 King Hotel on Delhi – Jaipur highway, at the base of Aravalli hills.

With my co-travellers, uncle and aunt at the base of Aravalli hills on the Delhi – Jaipur highway.

One of the several forts at Jaipur. This fort in the background used to be queens palace. Shot is taken at dusk.

A temple of lord shiva with the fort in background.

A short of the fort at night.