Ode to a daughter

My cousin shared this with me. I found it simply beautiful. Thought of sharing.

मेरी बेटी थोड़ी सी बड़ी हो गई है
कुछ जिद्दी, कुछ नक् चढ़ी हो गई है
मेरी बेटी थोड़ी सी बड़ी हो गई है

अब अपनी हर बात मनवाने लगी है
हमको ही अब वो समझाने लगी है
हर दिन नई नई फरमाइशें होती है
लगता है कि फरमाइशों की झड़ी हो गई है
मेरी बेटी थोड़ी सी बड़ी हो गई है
अगर डाटता हूँ तो आखें दिखाती है
खुद ही गुस्सा करके रूठ जाती है
उसको मनाना बहुत मुश्किल होता है
गुस्से में कभी पटाखा कभी फूलझड़ी हो गई है
मेरी बेटी थोड़ी सी बड़ी हो गई है
जब वो हस्ती है तो मन को मोह लेती है
घर के कोने कोने मे उसकी महक होती है
कई बार उसके अजीब से सवाल भी होते हैं
बस अब तो वो जादू की छड़ी हो गई है
मेरी बेटी थोड़ी सी बड़ी हो गई है
घर आते ही दिल उसी को पुकारता है
सपने सारे अब उसी के संवारता है
दुनियाँ में उसको अलग पहचान दिलानी है
मेरे कदम से कदम मिलाकर वो खड़ी हो गई है
मेरी बेटी थोड़ी सी बड़ी हो गई है
This ones for all who have been blessed with most beautiful daughter.
🍄🍄बेटियाँ सब के नसीब में कहाँ होती है
रब को जो घर पसंद आए वहाँ होती है🍄♏🍄


Peshawar Brutality and Indo – Pak Relation

A few days back, terrorists from Tehrike Taliban Pakistan barged into an army run school in Peshawar, Pakistan. The brutes killed children in the school in the age group 10 years to 16 years. Taliban claimed the action was their way of getting back at  Pakistani army for conducting operation in Taliban strong holds. Taliban vowed more such violence.

It is extremely and unbelievably sad that terrorists killed so many children in Pakistan. The country must be in mourning. Less said about people of Pehsawar in particular and Pakistan in general. Parents, brothers, sisters and family members are picking up pieces of their lives. Society is burying their dead.  Pakistan’s prime minister had convened an all party meeting. He vowed to continue fight against Taliban keeping in mind memory of departed children. Pakistani prime minister also proclaimed in the battle against terror there cannot be good or bad Taliban. Pakistan’s chief of armed forces had flown to Afghanistan to demand handing over of Mullah Fazllulah, head of Afghan Taliban.

Predictably, the brutality has drawn worldwide condemnation. Indian parliament had spent 2 min in silence. Indian prime minister has talked to his counterpart in Pakistan, in addition to condemning the incidence. Schools in India have been asked to maintain a two minute silence to express solidarity with children in Pakistan. Many anchors and analysts in India have as usual become dewy eyed about seismic change in Pakistani establishment’s thought process. Already people are anticipating that Pakistan will introspect and change her position vis a vis India. Pakistan will understand and appreciate that Pakistan’s enemy is internal terrorist outfits and not an external party like India. I guess this mindset makes us a dreamer and a soft state.

Pakistani establishment is getting back to her usual self. Prime Minister Sharief has vowed to fight Taliban. He proclaimed, there is not good or bad Taliban. Notice, Prime Minister did not say terrorists or terrorism will be fought. He will fight Taliban because  Taliban attacks Pakistani people and interest. Behind this clever phraseology lies freedom of Hafiz Saeed, mastermind of Mumbai terror attack, an international terrorist, an establishment sponsored anti-India force. Hafiz Saeed has claimed that Peshawar mayhem and brutality was done by Indians. LeT has planned terror attack in India. So nothing has changed in India Pakistan relation, as much as we get dewy eyes about Pakistan tragedy. Also look at the irony. When Indian Prime Minister ManMohan Singh demanded ISI DG to come to India after Mumbai terror attack, India was denied access. Yet, Pakistani Chief of Military is arm twisting Afganistan to hand over Mullah Fazllulah, chief of Afghan Taliban to Pakistan. If this is not double standard, then what is? 

One must remember that national interest and foreign policy are very different matter and cannot be mixed with emotional issues. Does Pak generals really care about what India thinks? If they did, would they be playing mischief, that they are playing now? Remember, Pakistan has one agenda. That is to dismember India. Pakistan will never cease to oppose India, as long as military controls foreign policy. Military will never forget creation of Bangladesh and vivisection of Pakistan.   

Pakistan has been harbouring dangerous fanatics as part of their strategic warfare tool. Pakistan sheltered Osama Bin Laden. Pakistan arranged special train for Hafeez Saeed’s rally. Many Indians have lost father, brother, son, husband to terrorist violence sponsored by Pakistan through jihadi elements. Every time, India requesed justice for victims of terrorist violence or getting custody of terrorists,  plea has been deflected by saying that Pakistan is also fighting terrorism, Pakistan is a victim of terrorism, terrorists are nonstate actors, and Indians are also engaged in terrorist act in Pakistan. The backyard poison filled terrorists that Pakistan had nurtured to trouble India, are now biting Pakistani hand that feeds them. As Indians, we may empathise or sympathise with Pakistani people. It will, however, be too much to expect any change in military attitude towards India. We must understand that military and foreign policy are a different ball game compared to civilian tragedy even if inflicted on their own civilians. National policy will never be mixed with emotive issue like human right or terrorism. Nothing is likely to change on the ground.

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Through Bandipore to Mudumalai Tiger Reserve

As I was passing through Bandipore reserve forest, I saw several wild animals on the way. Great news that the forest remains closed at night. At least reckless drivers no longer kills wild life under their wheels. Funny thing was when we saw a wild pig. My driver excitedly cried out Phig, Phig. Then in broken Hindi, English and Kannada (which I do not understand at all), claimed that if a phig touches a car, then the car meets with an accident. He narrated how his brothers car had touched a pig, then three days later he had an accident. My arguments and advice fell into deaf ear.

Wild Elephant Herd
A Monkey. Face Appears Different from North Indian Monkey 

Curious and Expecting
Wild Boar
Wild Boar

Mudumalai  Tiger Reserve


Herd of Wild Elephants

A few days back I was travelling from Mysore to Ooty for the first time in life. I was pleasantly surprised when I was informed that we shall be passing through Bandipore tiger reserve.  

I was fortunate enough to see a herd of wild elephants. My driver was afraid and said not use flash or make too much noise.

I was also informed that the highway running through reserve forest is closed at night from 9 PM to 6 AM in the morning. 

A Prime Minister and A Dreamer

More I listen to prime minister Modi, more I wonder how different he is from his nearest competitors. Modi is fresh in his thoughts and ideas. He does not peddle old ideas, that are beaten again and again. Modi gives a message of hope, a message of “can do” attitude. Anyone who has eyes can see India is dirty, India is corrupt India is a difficult place to live unless one is well connected. Other politicians, many even those in BJP, probably never dreamt of coming out of old India.
A typical example is Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, a minister in central government. Only way Sadhvi could mobilise her supporters by not selling a vision but by peddling divisive and abusive language – “ramzade vs haramzade”. Look at chief minister of certain state in India who can only arouse her supporters by using abusive phrases in local dialect – “bamboo up the rear end”. These are also our leaders. They can only think in present, but they cannot sell a  dream.

Modi is a dreamer. He is trying to sell his dream of a better India. It is upto us to make his vision a success. At the end of the day we should make it our vision as well. Not many prime minister’s , past or present, in India or abroad, have spoke with sincerity about good of country above politics. That is Modi. Prime Minister Modi had been invited by Mr. Manik Sarkar, honorable Chief Minister of Tripura, to address his cabinet on good governance.  Mr. Manick Sarkar is a leftist in his  political ideology. Mr. Sarkar’s political belief is diametrically opposite to that followed by Mr. Modi, a right of centre in his political belief. Yet both of them can talk on good governance. This a tribute to Mr. Modi and Mr. Sarkar and their professionalism.  a Marxist by his political ideology, to talk to his ministers on good governance. I read some where Modi during his pracharak days read Swami Vivekananda. Swamiji wanted Indians to collaborate with the west in the area of technology. Modi is doing just that. Modi is inviting Americans, Europeans, Australians, Japanese and Chinese to help India in the area of high technology. I hope Modi is successful.

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No Choice but Fight

A battalion of central reserve police force was attacked by naxalites in Sukma region of Chattisgarh state in Dec of 2014. Fourteen jawans lost their lives. Nearly equal number were injured. This time two officers also lost their lives. In Chattisgarh state, naxalites have carried out several attacks in last few years. In earlier part of the year, 11 CRPF jawans and 4  police men were killed in the same Sukma region. In 2010, 75 CRPF jawans were killed in an ambush in Dantewada region. In 2013 many top leaders of Chattishgarh congress were killed along with Mahendra Kurma of Salwa Judum. A total of 27 people were killed.
I feel sad when security force jawans are killed in battle. It is important that nation takes care of the family of each and every member of security force that put their lives on the line to keep us safe from enemy, be it internal or external.
I think our forces are either not prepared or do not follow standard operating procedure for jungle warfare. Knowing fully well that these areas are extremely prone to danger of sudden attacks, it is strange that our forces come under fire and lose trained manpower. It is highly unusual for a force trained to fight committed warriors.
I find it strange, however, when we criticize how our enemy has attacked us in a dastardly manner. We must not forget Indian government has declared war against naxalites. We must be prepared to kill or get killed. There is no room to lower guard. We have to outsmart our enemy with superior fire power, superior technique, superior force and greater commitment. Naxalites are certainly playing to their strength by using their advantagep of surprise better. They are not showing any mercy to Indian forces,  

Finally, it is debatable if government has made the right choice in fighting naxalites in a war. Government forces are bound by rule of law and cannot act like naxalites. For example, in their latest attack on forces, naxalites had used civilians as human shield. Besides, there is ideological differences too. Naxalites never believed in pluralistic democracy. They wanted and still want to liberate areas of government control. Under this scenario, government has little choice but to fight them. I think, government needs to do its job better by raising better force.choice but to fight them. I think, government needs to do its job better by raising better force.

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