Why Debate, When Boycotting Is Easier

After present BJP lead NDA government had spent one year in office, there was a lot of back thumping for a corruption free year. Many leaders of congress ominously said on TV channels, wait a while corruption will bubble up. Were they speaking from experience? Or they knew something that others did not? One after another things started to unravel. Strangely, many of the scams were underway or actually happened when congress party was in power at the centre and in some cases in the states, as well. Is it not strange that these wrong doings are coming to light now?

Almost all of June, 2015 India discussed corrupt practices of Lalit Modi and his relationship to ministers in BJP lead NDA government at the centre. Breaking news would appear at noon on major television channels, every channel claimed exclusivity on the news break. This will be followed by congress party press conference where documents after documents will be waived. Hypocrisy and doubles standard of government on matters of corruption will be discussed through the day till late night. All of a sudden one day the breaking news stopped appearing. One reason it appeared to me that congress charge on chief minister of Rajasthan was found to be factually incorrect. A second theory suggests because names of first family of congress party came up, everyone lost interest in the news. 

Now monsoon session of parliament is in all likelihood going to be wiped out. Congress party along with other opposition parties are demanding resignation of several ministers – central and state, before they decide to discuss the reasons for resignation. Government has declined to buckle under such a demand. Opposition has been disrupting parliament. A standard practice in India. BJP had done it when it was in opposition. Congress is doing it as party occupying opposition. A point of difference being, BJP disrupted parliament when the ruling congress lead UPAII declined to discuss different scams and related issues. Congress is disrupting  
parliament because it does not want to discuss issues that government is ready to make statement on.

Question that begs answer is why not discuss first and demand resignation later. More so, when Mrs Sushma Swaraj is willing to put facts before the parliament? Is it not important to hear from the accused, before condemning them? Every civilised society does that. Is congress party not certain about strength of its argument? Is congress party not certain of getting support from other parties in opposition? From the hurry with which congress is demanding resignation, it appears that congress is playing tit for tat game for BJP forcing congress ministers to resign last time.

It has been said repeatedly that what is the point of discussion? Mrs. Swaraj has admitted everything in her twitter statement. It is important to note that twitter account can be deleted but parliamentary records are permanent. Mrs. Swaraj could have revealed more if she was allowed to speak in the parliament. May be Indian citizens would have been interested to hear the story of Mrs. Sushma Swaraj was going to tell on the floor of parliament. It appears that someone powerful did not allow Sushma Swaraj to talk. 

It is important to understand that when Mrs. Raje wrote an affidavit for Lalit Modi, Mr. Modi was not a fugitive. He had left India legally and was residing in UK legally. Mrs. Raje wrote an affidavit, it was not produced before court in UK, because Mrs. Raje was not present personally to attest before the court.

Son of Mrs Raje had a business agreement with Lalit Modi on hospitality business. Congress party had raised hue and cry about the property that was turned into a hotel. As it emerged, the property belonged to Raje and her son. Given the importance of the property, it made logical sense to invest in the business by Lalit Modi. The transaction happened at a time when congress party was in power in the state. Why wake up now?

Mrs. Sushma Swaraj may have kept her colleagues and her department outside the loop, when she asked British Home Department to follow their rule to grant Lalit Modi to travel to Portugal. She may be genuinely taken in by plight of Lalit Modi’s wife. May be she did it on the sly. She had used her discretionary power as a minister. Her decision may be wrong, but does that mean she has to resign?

Regarding horrible Vyapam scam, a supreme court monitored CBI enquiry is underway. Why should MP chief minister resign?

I think congress knows if these points are discussed, most likely opinion will change. So congress party will obstruct parliament. Yes party may score point, but nation will be the loser.

Police Should Be An Autonomous Body

Are our governments, irrespective of dispensation and ideology, using disproportionate force against people who dissent? It is true many a time dissenters are propped by inimical political opponents. Many dissenters are genuine people driven by ideological compulsion.
From Tehelka promoters that exposed corruption in NDA during Atal Bihari Bajpayee ‘ s prime minister shop, to hounding of Teesta Setalvad by present NDA government, similarities are obvious. Teesta had fought relentlessly for victims of Gujarat violence. Her aim was at chief minister Modi. Very likely Teesta had overt and covert backing of Congress. 
There are other cases like Damayanti Sen in West Bengal, Amitabh Tripathi in Uttar Pradesh that become obvious example of state vindictiveness and high handed behaviour. Damayanti Sen had solved the infamous Park Street Rape case against the wishes of chief minister of state. She was transferred to manage traffic. Amitabh Tripathi had secured dieting statement of a victim who was set on fire by state police. It is alleged that police was acting at the behest of a ruling party minister in the state of UP. After threatening Amitabh Tripathi, who was IGP police, a rape case was framed on him. Presently, Mr. Amitabh Tripathi is under suspension. 

In many states police and CBI are used to intimidate political opponents and make them fall in line. Congress lead UPA had perfected the art of using CBI against SP and BSP to win crucial vote of no confidence on the floor of parliament. AAP government in Delhi is itching to get control of Delhi police. Knowing the obvious use and intention of AAP such a move is ominous.
I think police should be made autonomous. Remove political control. Then and only then police will be efficient and a credible force. Though many will still blame police, but that will be for incompetence and not partisanship.

Society, Police and Women

Post Nirbhaya incidence, where a young girl was raped, disembowelled and left to die by roadside, has anything really changed about safety of women in Delhi? I do not think so. Otherwise, a young girl would not be chased down, stabbed and killed by her stalkers in full public view. Her fault, she refused to take back an earlier complaint of stalking registered with police.

One of the boys and their mother were arrested by police. Boy spent some time in jail nearly 15 days.  Mother got out after giving a written affidavit of future good conduct. Now mother with her two sons killed the girl in full public view.

Who is to blame for such barbarism? Outlook and sensitivity of society towards girls must change. It is a terrible dichotomy where society worships mother yet despises girls. Not only girls are killed at birth, easy availabily of sexually explicit material have made objectification of women and girls all the more common. Many consider  girls  to be an object sensual gratification that can be treated in use and throw basis. 

It is possible that the exalted position a mother is placed in family hierarchy may have contributed to current brutality. May be sons wanted to restore mothers hurt esteem, by killing the girl in most brutal manner in public. 

Politicians have pounced on police. Some wants to control police directly. Accountability of police must be improved and priorities of police towards common people must be refocussed. For that to happen, more and more police should be made available to protect tax paying citizens and not political leaders and VIPs. It is important to make police autonomous so that they can prioritise their duties and responsibilities.

Yet, I think police is as good as society it comes from. Also, police can only arrest based on evidence. In this case police did their job. It is judge that has to read the riot act and put people behind bars. Judges have to deliver sterner judgement. It is also true law needs to be amended. Yet judgement is not purely going by the book. Judge can take risk and give his interpretation of law in greater public good. I hope this time harshest punishment is given to mother and two sons.

Hema Malini Shaken But Not Stirred

Film actress and BJP MLA Hema Malini’s mercedes car hit at hight speed an Alto car carrying four passengers on Dausa Jaipur highway. Result was predictable. One two year old girl died. Did she has any chance at all, when a speeding mercedes hits a flimsy Alto? Her four year old brother has fracture in both legs. Her parents lost consciousness at the impact. Mother still does not know her daughter is no more.

Driver of the mercedes got out unscathed. His airbag saved him from harm. He was arrested for rash driving. He is out on bail in 24 hours. Even if convicted or if his licence impounded, he will be back on the road with a different licence. Such killer permits are so easily available. 

It is possible, that driver of the mercedes was not to blame. Our highways and freeways are poorly designed. Drivers have poor road sense and scant regard for rule of law. On the fastest lane of a six lane highway, it is not unusual to see slow moving vehicles travelling in wrong direction. Our highways have cuts at odd points, to accommodate passage of villagers. Many rural drivers simply enter main arterial highway without any warning or care for the oncoming traffic. There is no information if such was the case with Alto car.

However, this being reality of Indian roads, a mature professional driver is expected to anticipate potential dangers. From my experience of driving regularly on Haryana highways, I can say with confidence that most drivers of high end cars hardly give a damn about small cars. They know in the back of their mind that in case of a collision, big cars  may be damaged but the driver will be protected by air bag. Drivers also know that their rich, powerful and politically connected masters will get them out of jail. These drivers drive at high speed 120 kmph or more. They zip through intersections without even slowing down in anticipation of an approaching vehicle. May be a mature behaviour is too much to expect from a person, who has probably bribed his way to get a drivers licence, and is backed by equally corrupt and powerful man / woman in the backseat. 

Coming back to backseat, in this case the passenger was Mrs. Hema Malini. She was badly shaken up, as we see from her bloodied pictures, but definitely there was no stirring inside her. 

 Mrs. Hema Malini did not help the injured victims. When media got on her case, she issued a bland and empty platitude from her hospital. She claimed she was sad. She claimed that she prayed to god for giving strength to the family that lost a child. All so empty. Her prayers would assume a lot of meaning, however, had Mrs. Hema Malini done any or all of the following:
  •  not left for Jaipur in a doctor’s car, who is a BJP member,

  • taken seriously injured victims with her? or at least seen that they got medical help.

  • waited for police and medical help to arrived. Sure she was hurt, but definitely not as hurt as others.

Hema ji is a renowned actress. She also plays the role of goddess Durga on stage. Her plays evoke a feeling of adoration mixed with devotion. Yet the real person is so far from the actor that enacts the role of demon slayer mother Durga. I wish Hema ji had acted like mother Durga in saving the victims of accident. Alas! she acted less than a good human being.

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Quote Of The Day 3 of 3 Day Quote Challenge

I was reading a book written by Eckhart Tolle. Book is known as “Power of Now”. Eckhart Tolle is German by birth. He now lives in Canada and delivers lectures on spirituality. Essential message of Eckhart Tolle is all we have is present. If we can manage present moment, we shall be able to manage next moment that is about to arrive. Because soon the next moment will become present. According to Eckhart Tolle, instead of holding on to bitterness from the past, or becoming anxious of unknown fears that is yet to arrive, we should live in the present and try to master it. 

Indian Yogis also say the same thing. Controlling breath is an exercise to stay in the present. Sage Astabakra was asked by his disciple, sir how can I be free. Master replied, you are free the moment you think you are free. For less gifted, it is not easy to get out of our system all at once. We are pulled back by our system, by our past and anticipation of future. But by practicing breathing control, one can gradually learn to stay in the present. First for a moment, then gradually with practice the moment can be expanded.

In this context, I came across the quote below. I liked it, it is extremely relevant, but I do not know who is the author.

Past is History, Future is Mystery, 
All We Have is Now, That is Why it is a Present

author : Unknown

This is the last of my three three quotes. I nominate the following two people:

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Quote Of The Day 2 of 3 Day Quote Challenge

In life we often give up our dreams. We take refuge behind excuse that we do not have the kind of money to initiate such a project. But many great thinkers and sages tell us, if we want something earnestly, money comes. May be we have to work very hard to full fill our dream, but nothing really stops because of money. Swami Vivekananda went to the Parliament of Religion in Chicago. He was penniless. But nothing stopped him from delivering his lecture. 

After Sri Rama Krishna passed away, his monastic disciples were penniless and did not have enough to eat. Yet, even after taking vow of a monastic life, Swami Vivekananda dreamt of creating a Rama Krishna Order and laying foundation stone for the Rama Krishan Math and Mission. Swamiji had lectured tirelessly in the United States and Europe on Vedanta philosophy. With the money, that he earned by delivering lecture, he purchased land and laid foundation stone of the Belur Math in West Bengal. Today, Rama Krishan Mission has spread in many cities in all continents.

In his discourse with a disciple, Swamiji once said, son do not despair because you do not have money. Be a human first, have right intent, money will come :

Man Makes Money, Money Does Not Make A Man

Swami Vivekananda, Direct Disciple of Sri Rama Krishna, Rama Krishna Order

In our lives also we see, those who do not have money yet have hunger to be successful, actually succeed. On the other hand people with access of all amenities of life, lack zeal to make a difference.

This is the second quote of the day 2 of 3 day quote challenge.

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Quote Of The Day 1 of 3 Day Quote Challenge

We often speak big things and brag about our achievements. Many a times, we do so when the task appears to be big  and a lot of people watching and applauding. On the other hand, we tend to ignore smaller tasks, which are mundane, where no one watches. These are the times in a persons life, when character is tested. Important thing is  how we do every day routine jobs and not come to play for one off big task. 

In this context, Swami Premandanda, a direct disciple of Sri Rama Krishna once said:

Let Your Character Speak, Not Your Mouth

Swami Premananda, Rama Krishna Order 

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