Christmas Season, Showering Goodies

December is a beautiful month. Weather in this part of the world is cooler, despite global warming and all. Christmas is round the corner. There is a spirit of giving in the air. This year, christmas has come early for Mr. Rahul Gandhi and congress party. First, Mr. Gandhi has been selected as president of... Continue Reading →


Gujarat Election, Hardly a Harbinger of a Different Narrative?

Bitterly fought election campagin for Gujarat assembly is now over. Bitterness quotient of campaign has been high. Allegations had flown thick and fast. Competitors, ruling BJP and challenger Congress, had thrown every thing at  each other viciously. Winner and losers will be decided by voters. Let us look at why Gujarat election was so bitterly... Continue Reading →

Mr. Vijay Mallya, and His Worries

Billionaire business tycoon, Mr. Vijay Mallya, who ran an airline and a liquor business, defaulted on loans taken from nationalised banks in India. Amount of his due was believed to be upwards to 3000 crore rupees. Tycoon did not pay salaries to his airline employees, let alone the money that was due to banks. Finally,... Continue Reading →

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