The Art of Stillness, by Pico Iyer

I stood in a queue to get a signed copy of “The Art of Stillness”. This was not a fiction or a crime thriller. Pico Iyer, the author, was an ordinary looking gentleman. But the topic, the art of staying still and watch life flow by, he dealt in his book is extraordinary. In this... Continue Reading →


Exam Pressure : We Need a Change of Mindset

Final examinations are approaching. Homes are turning into a battleground between parents and their kids who are about to write examination. My home is no exception.  My daughter who in ninth standard, refuses to study as per her mother’s guideline. No amount of persuasion could bring daughter and mother on the same plane. Mother would... Continue Reading →

Padmavat, A Regressive Film?

After a lot of protest, threat mongering, some violence and vandalism, Padmavati was finally released in UP, Haryana and rest of India. In Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh film was not released. States where movie was released saw footfall of viewers. So much so, in the first week of release, film is believed to have grossed... Continue Reading →

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