Psychographic Voter Profiling and End of Innocence for Indian Electorate

Psychographic profiling is a technique where people are profiled based on their behavioural pattern. Two people born with similar family background, and brought up in similar environemnt, may still display different personality traits with respect to value, attitude, interest etc. Market researchers have long tried to identify, understand and if possible, quantify number of people... Continue Reading →


When Our Mind is Not Our Own

In the American TV serial House of Cards, it was shown voters can be manipulated through internet. It seems during actual US election, President Barrack Obama's campaign team had used voter profiling to his advantage in 2012. However, no one has charged that voters were influenced to vote in a particular way. According to a... Continue Reading →

Technology Can Remove Corruption

I was reading this article on Sunday Times of India. One gentleman, Venkat Iyer, had to visit  Tehsildar's office twenty six times to get a certificate declaring him to be a farmer. This certificate only entitles him to be a farmer. It is not a position of profit. Yet, he had to travel 26 times... Continue Reading →

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