Bloggers are no Idiots #OnlineWriting

This week’s prompt questions intelligence of bloggers, influencers and reviewers that write review on a broad range of topics - book, tech, lifestyle, food and fashion. I disagree with this suggestion for the following reasons: No one is qualified to call out a fellow blogger an idiot. We should not use such a harsh word... Continue Reading →

Tough and Twisted #Sunday Photo Fiction

Cactus plant has an attitude, that I like. It grows under extreme sun and minimum water. Yet, try chewing a leaf, a warning, in the form of bloody mouth, will announce, “don’t mess with a cactus.” Kind of like me. I work at a roadside eatery, for a man who expects maximum work for minimum... Continue Reading →

Year End Party #Tell Tale Thursday

“Rohit, coming to end of the year party?” Vikas asked over the phone “Say one last goodbye to old colleagues.” “No yaar,” Rohit sounded non commital, “Just back from mountains; I am joining my new job.” “So you want to spend the year end evening all by yourself?” “What is the big deal to be... Continue Reading →

Communion #Friday Fictioneer

“Who is that boy sitting alone in the graveyard,” I asked a neighbor, “Does he do drugs?” “That’s Billy, he is harmless.” “Kind of creepy, isn’t it?” After a long search I have found an affordable house. Only problem is proximity to the cemetery; separated by a thin strip of road and a wire fence... Continue Reading →

A Special Day #FFfAW

“Hari babu every year on this day you distribute so much snacks among neighborhood children!” the shop owner asked, “may I know why?” “This day reminds me of a boy looking at your shop, many years ago. Oldest of  siblings, it was his responsibility to take something home for rest of the family to eat.... Continue Reading →

Safary in Assam #Travel

This week’s prompt is about an interesting visit that is neither mountain nor sea. I thought of writing about our trip to Assam to see one horned Rhino. Assam is a huge state split into two halves by Brahmaputra river. My original plan was to visit Manas National Park in Barpeta district. Travel planner insisted... Continue Reading →

Rivals #Sunday Photo Fiction

The place with low stools, a few low tables used to be their common place to hang out. Abandoned by previous owners, new owners have not taken possession yet. Boys found it an ideal place away from city crowds and their prying eyes. “Guys I have good news,” Rohit said flashing a piece of paper... Continue Reading →

Fruit of Hardwork #WOW

A question has been put forward what makes one happy. I feel happy when I see an idea or an individual or a group of people succeed fighting against all odds. When the underdog David beats a giant Goliath in any sphere of life, I feel happy. There are many instances, here I take opportunity... Continue Reading →

Cake #Tell Tale Thursday

“Baapu get ready, drop me to school.” A chilly winter morning of December did not dampen Shalu’s spirit. “Bitiya, school is at nine in the morning. I shall get you ready at the right time.” A student of kindergarten level I, Shalu was eager to participate in her first christmas celebration. She had heard, there... Continue Reading →

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