Memory #TellTaleThursday

“I need you home,” late night phone call from retired Gen Avinash Singh Rathore made Shweta neveous, “your brother is martyred; take first available flight; I need you to take care of your mother.” “Major Sanjay Singh Rathore has made supreme sacrifice for the country,” General Rathore, an armed forces veteran, could not believe his... Continue Reading →

Trust Deficit #FridayFictioneer

“Tonight, is the night,” Joy thought, “we shall show the world that humans are not alone.” Working hard in the extra terrestrial observation post in the remote desert, Joy and his team have established communication with aliens from outer space. Language is not a barrier anymore. Joy was entertaining his managers who control research funding,... Continue Reading →

Tree Lined #SundayPhotoFiction

Our small town where I grew up was blessed with the presence of a royal family. Not much of a royalty, more of a small time landlord. Locals addressed him to be the king or maharaja. The approach to royal palace was paved and treelined. A canopy of green provided shade in summer months. On... Continue Reading →

Surveyor #WOW

On a cold winter day, I go out to surfvey, an object that is sunny, shiny and bright, to everyones utter deblight Here he comes, they would screem, to fulfill a long cherished dream by staying in the minddle, not veering to the extreme. Lo and behold, to my surtprise, once I discovered my prize,... Continue Reading →

Bungalow for Rent #TellTaleThursday

“Who is walking now?” the shuffling sound from rooftop made Mamata uneasy “stray animal!” Mamata has moved into this bungalow, with her husband and eight year old son, recently. “Only a fool will reject such a place at so little rent!” Mamata had reasoned. “Ashish beta did you bolt the doors?” her husband out of... Continue Reading →

Thinker #FridayFictioneer

“What came first, this car or the forest?” friends stopped being surprised at such questions coming from Aashu, the philosopher among us. Most often, Aashu would be found sitting inside the abandoned car that was lying in the middle of the forest. Not much of a car though; more like the chasis that was remaining... Continue Reading →

Better Life #FFfAW

“By evening we shall be there,” the man told his son, “I shall get a job and we shall eat properly.” “I want a room,” said the tired and shabbily dressed man, to manager of the cheap hotel, “one that is the cheapest.” “I can give one room, no bed and no toilet,” said the... Continue Reading →

Control Kills Creativity #PromotingCreativity

This week, Indispire prompt asks the question if there exists an inverse relationship between power and culture – when power declines, culture flourishes… If I understood it correctly, power in question is political power that controls life and liberty of citizens. And, culture includes any or all activity like writing, painting, music, theatre etc, all... Continue Reading →

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