Unrequited #Tell Tale Thursday


Rohit’s heart skipped a beat as he saw the bicycle leaning against the shop. Green color, lady’s cycle, a fruit basket on the front handle bar. After so many years, how is it possible?

 “Get out of the way, please, I cannot stop,” before Rohit could react, the girl had crashed on him.

Are you hurt?” asked the girl in an apologetic tone, “I am Shailaja. I lost my balance.”

Rohit,” he answered more surprised than angry.

I cannot give you a ride in my lady’s cycle. I shall walk with you.”

Shailaja, the girl with green bicycle, was talk of the town. Boys purchased bicycles to ride beside her. Her relationship with Rohit was different. They had spent many days alone together in public parks, on boat rides up the river, and on occasional eating out. Rohit was certain that they had a future together. He did not know what Shailaja’s mind. He assumed, never asked.

I got a job outside in  Delhi,” Rohit had informed Shailaja, “will you wait for me?

Congratulations!” Shailaja was ecstatic as she asked about the new job but did not give any direct answer to his pointed question. Rohit did not press, he took things for granted.

Shailaja was missing, whe Rohit returned a few months later. “Shailaja got married and left,” all he got from her step mother.

Today, looking at the green bicycle he wondered how is it possible? He had ran over Shailaja and crushed the cycle under his car.

Word count : 252

This post is written as part of # TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya . More articles on the post may be found here.

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    1. At the begining Rohit did not expect Shailaja would marry someone. He took things for granted. When things fell apart, his reaction became violent. Thank you for reading.


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