Life Must be Taken Seriously #FullyHumanFullyAlive

Life is too important to be taken seriously,” is this week’s Indispire prompt. The prompt compels one to ask the question, what does one consider to be important and how do we define what can be deemed to be serious? It is also important to ask, if we consider something to be important, why should we not take it seriously?

Any society is made up of a variety of different types of people who may have different value systems. People, be it an individual or a collective, have different ways to assess what they consider to be important and what action and /or reaction they will consider serious. Is it possible to push people into assuming certain mindset such that they view and react to a situation in a prescribed manner, with equianimity without getting serious? For example,

  • Some may consider truth, honesty and integrity to be absolute and matters of utmost seriousness. These people will give up everything in life, even stake their own lives, to defend what they consider to be important.
  • There are others, who may consider their material possessions like home, land, car, even cows to be of great importance, and may be ready to kill if someone violates their boundary and defiles what they consider important.

When living in the society one should not give up the right to protest. A story I read in my childhood, goes as follows : “A poisonous snake went to a seer and sought his advice, ” Sir, I want to get rid of my image of being venomous. I want people to like me.” Sage adviced the snake to control his anger and lie low. A few days later, sage was passing through the area. He visited the snake and saw it half dead. He asked “what happened to you my son?” Snake answered, “as adviced by you, I lay low. But now everyone throws a stone at me. Injuries have made me half dead.” Seer smiled and said, “son I wanted you not to bite but did I ask you not to hiss?.”

The following moral can be gleaned from the story : Firstly, protest and raise voice and do not accept everything that is dished out. If we do not object, someone may hit us for what we eat, how we dress, how we talk. Such things happen even today. That is why it is important to take things seriously. One may not be able to deter an abuser by simple protest alone. To avoid anarchy in the society everyone must follow the law. In more developed countries law is enforced and citizens get justice. In our country long hand of law and order barely and rarely reaches common people. By the time it does reach, the objective of justice is lost.

In summary, I would like to reiterate, unless one is living away from society, it may not be possible to assume an attitude of equianimity to things happening around him. Those who live within the boundaries of society, have to take things seriously and raise their voice. Otherwise, if not today, definitely tomorrow they may be trampled over.

This post is written in response to Indispire prompt at Indiblogger. More posts related to this prompt may be found here.

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  1. I used to hear about that sage-story in my childhood as well. My mother attributed Ramkrishna Paramhansa to be the source. It was one of my favorites. Enjoyed this post- though I’m doubtful about the “active protest” part in our goon-infested country.

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    1. I read it as part of my school curriculum. I studied in Rama Krishna Mission school. Protests are happening all over the country. One can always be part of a group.

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  2. Your observations about life, drawing reference from anecdotes, speak volumes about insights that you have harvested over time period about the experience called “life”. Very convincing thoughts I must say.

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