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The incessant ringing of her telephone woke Asha Patel up from deep sleep. The table clock by her bedside showed 1.00 am in the morning.

Who is calling at this hour?

thought Mrs. Patel. Such calls normally bring bad news. With a great deal of trepidation, Mrs. Patel picked the phone. The smooth voice on the other side asked her mechanically,

Is this Mrs. Asha Patel of Vasant Kunj?”

Yes, this is her.”

Madam, Shri Akash Patel has met with an accident. Please come to AIIMS. We have taken him there.”

Mrs Asha Patel was at her wits end. Her only son, Akash, is admitted to hospital.

Akash had met with an accident riding his motor bike on the highway. Seriously injured, Akash had not only lost a lot of blood, he had injured his head also. Doctors did not wish to comment and Mrs Patel give her much hope before twelve hours.

Waiting outside the ICU, distraught Mrs. Patel remembered a conversation she had with Akash sometime back.

Mother, I have registered myself with NOTTO (national organ and tissue transplant organisation); I think you and dad should too should get registered,” Akash informed his mother while flashing his organ donor card, “in case something happens to me, inform them to collect my organs if they are of any use to others.”

What have you done son?” his mother was flabbergasted,”do you know next birth you may be born disabled if your intact body is not cremated?

Nothing of that sort will happen mother,” Akash tried to reassure his mother, “I have asked for Guru ji’s blessing. Guru ji believes those who help others in this life, will collect enough goodwill for next life. Do you know mother, my organs can save as many as eight lives. How can anything bad happen to me, when I am doing so much good?

Mrs. Patel had great faith in the wisdom of her family guru. But an uncanny feeling enveloped her. Her only son has registered for organ donation. Is this a sign that something terrible is about to happen? She broached the topic with Mr. Patel.

Do you know that Akash has registered for organ donation?”

He did mention,” answered Mr. Patel, “I think it is a good idea. There are many people who need a transplant of kidney, liver, heart. There are many people who are going blind because of dysfunctional cornea. These people may be able to lead a normal life if a functional organ can be found. To a dead person these organs may not be of any use. Why should anyone have an objection towards another person having a healthy life? I think you and me should also register for organ donation.”

Asha, Akash is no more,” Mrs.  Patel was woken up from her reverie, “we have to be strong and as per his wish hospital will collect his organs before his body is released.” Mrs Patel did not follow what her husband was saying. All she wanted was to see her son one last time. She desperately hoped and prayed that her son would not be disfigured before his final journey.

Asha we have a few guests coming today. Mrs. Patel was surprised to meet eight young men and women. “Who are these people” asked Mrs. Patel looking at her husband, “these are your new children through whom Akash is living.”

This post is written as part of the Noble Cause – Encouraging & Educating People for Organ Donation

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