Diversification #Friday Fictioneer

“Youngsters flock to fast food joints,” complained Mangu bitterly, “don’t eat our snacks.” Static profit margin for past several quarters, declining footfall of customers and competition from fast food chains, were becoming a cause of worry, for Mangu Ram and his son Ramesh. “Diversify Bapu,” Ramesh toyed with the model of new store, “Mangu Ram... Continue Reading →

Eagle Eye #Sunday Photo Fiction

The pointed toe, yellow colored shoe fascinated Shambhu, the first time he saw it in the store. He imagined walking his village lanes wearing the shoe and everyone looking at him enviously. He convinced Shibu, the sales man, to put a deposit from his own pocket till Shambhu returned him the money in twenty four... Continue Reading →

Man Making Education #WOW

  In India, so many things that need a better design for us citizens to feel comfortable, the list becomes endless. I think first and foremost thing that we need to redesign is the way we look at life. At home and at our educational institutes we must inculcate practice of honesty and integrity. Honest people... Continue Reading →

Invisible #TellTaleThursday

My friend Sudhir does not believe in anything that cannot be explained logically. I was surprised, when one day Sudhir asked me,  “do you really think something exists beyond our sensory perception?”   Sudhir narrated the following incident in response to my shocked and surprised expression. -----X----- Our new home has three rooms in the ground... Continue Reading →

Unhappy #Friday Fictioneer

“Changing with time, Mangu Ram?” remarked a customer, looking at the painted walls, plastic chairs, covered table and artificial flowers, “business appears to be booming!” “Mangu Ram’s sweet and snacks” is part of small town’s history. A meeting point and an eatery that sold sweets, fried snacks and tea. Most ate standing up, many took... Continue Reading →

Trapped #Sunday Photo Fiction

Arun rode his bicycle at breakneck speed. This Sunday, Mr. Sanyal’s daughter Shefali has agreed to go for a lunch date with him, provided Arun took Mr Sanyal’s permission.  “Sir home?” parking his bicycle Arun asked Shefali, “did you tell him?” “backyard; trying to build a tree house for his grandson," answered Shefali, "ask him... Continue Reading →

Outdoors #TellTaleThursday

“Dad can I play near water?” dozing on the carpet of grass, Sudhir was woken up, “other boys are playing.”  Sudhir loved outdoors. On summer weekends, he often packed his family of four, a picnic basket and landed under the giant oak tree by the water body. He had discovered it by accident.  “why don’t... Continue Reading →

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