Getaway #Tell Tale Thursday

This Valentine’s day let us spent time together out of town,” Madhav put forward the proposal to Ayesha, “I have a two night three days booking in a resort in Malaya, everything taken care of what do you say?” 

Madhav and Ayesha, met at a mutual friends place, have been seeing each other for nearly a year. Madhav’s girl friend Gayatri passed away more than a year earlier. Ayesha, separated from her boy friend almost a year, thought it only fair to get away. 

So you are off to Malaya with Madhav?” surprised, Ayesha looked at the smart woman in her late twenties, who introduced herself as Gayatri “Madhav usually takes his first valentines to this place; he has a resort there.” 

Ayesha wondered how does this woman knows so much about Madhav. By the time Madhav had returned from toilet, woman had melted away, leaving Ayesha stewing in her juice. 

As they settled down in their very comfortable suite, Ayesha could not stop herself from asking, “Who is Gayatri?

How do you know Gayatri?”

I met her at the ferry?

You met Gayatri at the ferry?” asked a befuddled Madhav, “A person who died five years before!” 

As Madhav realised his romantic getaway to be going seriously wrong, he remembered Gayatri’s dying words, “I will never let you hurt another woman, ever.”

Word count : 250

This is a post written in response to #TellTaleThursday prompt of Anshu and Priya. More posts in response to the prompt may be found here.

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