Trapped #Sunday Photo Fiction

Arun rode his bicycle at breakneck speed. This Sunday, Mr. Sanyal’s daughter Shefali has agreed to go for a lunch date with him, provided Arun took Mr Sanyal’s permission. 

Sir home?” parking his bicycle Arun asked Shefali, “did you tell him?

backyard; trying to build a tree house for his grandson,” answered Shefali, “ask him yourself.”

Seeing Mr. Sanyal working on a log with an axe in hand, Arun was not very enthused. 

Why don’t you help him?” said Shefali smiling, “an opportunity to impress both father and his daughter!

Arun was trapped. Either he approached Prof. Sanyal or he went home mission incomplete.

May I be of any help to you sir?” asked Arun, hoping against hope that Sanyal would decline.

Mr. Sanyal was aware Arun came to his home to meet Shefali. Maths tuition was just an excuse. 

But if he is here today,” wondered Mr Sanyal, “he might as well do some work.”

Really Arun,will you? Certainly it will of great help,” answered Mr. Sanyal handing over the axe to Arun, “Work on this log, till I return from an urgent work in town. If you need anything ask Shefali. You know her don’t you?

Word Count 199

This little piece of fiction was inspired by the weekly prompt challenge hosted by Sunday Photo Fiction Feb 17th, 2019, for Aspiring Writers. For other stories on the theme, look here.

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

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