A Balanced Approach Needed #FlexiLove

In life we come across all kind of people. Some are very rigid in their belief system and others may be more flexible. As suggested by the prompt, people that are more flexible and easy going are probably win more hearts. These people are considered to be easy going and adjusting type. These people are amenable to suggestions and tend to move with the majority opinion. Such a trait may be an asset when builidng a relationship, be it a family bond or a friendship. These people tend to build consensus and take everyone alone. However, a common criticism faced by such people are lacking a spine and succumbing to external pressure. As a youngster, a person with flexible attitude is very likely to succumb to peer pressure and get into bad habits.Yes people tend to like the person who is malleable, but such a person is also liable to be fooled and taken for granted. In a world where most people work for self interest, can a person who only works to gather other peoples love get anywhere?

There are also people who are very firm in their views and usually it is very difficult to move them from their position. Many people in leadership position have such a trait. Many a time a leader with a rigid point of view may have a predetermined world view, he may assemble people who share his world view around him, and although it may appear that an idea is being discussed, in reality decision has already been arrived at even before a discussion. While such type of decisive people may be effective in running a corporate organisation or being a dictator of a country, in a more democratic setup where diveristy of opinion exists, a rigid leader may be less effective and more vilified. There is most likely no hard and fast rule about benefits of a particular trait. Most likely a balanced person is what is need of the hour. Ideally, a person analyses all pros and con, and takes a position should be ideal. In certain situations we may need a hardened stand and in other cases we may need to be more flexible in our stance. As long as a person takes a position in accordance with demand of the situation, I think it is alright. 

This current post is written in response to Indispire Prompt at Indiblogger. More posts in response to the prompt may be found here.

9 thoughts on “A Balanced Approach Needed #FlexiLove

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  1. It is hard to find a balanced person. we will find more people who get easily influenced than stubborn people. Stubbornness is a great quality if the direction and intent is right else it can only bring misery.


    1. I have seen equal number. Most people when it comes to self interest become very stubborn. Yes both strong position and flexible position have their plusses and minuses.

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