Man Making Education #WOW


In India, so many things that need a better design for us citizens to feel comfortable, the list becomes endless. I think first and foremost thing that we need to redesign is the way we look at life. At home and at our educational institutes we must inculcate practice of honesty and integrity. Honest people must be celebrated and honored. Because in every sphere of life an honest person is the greatest asset of a country. An honest person is the greatest soldier for country, be it in the battlefield or be it as a regular citizen. In our country, unfortunately, it is the dishonest that have a field day in every sphere of life.

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One of the way to build a model citizen is by imparting education. We must have a relook at our education system. We are encouraging students to memorise and score marks so that students get admitted to premier engineering or medical colleges. Those who cannot get in, scramble for other options but the end objective remains getting a highly paid job. Our education system and our family values are not encouraging students to become a thinker, a leader or an entrepreneur. Our students are not trained to apply their knowledge for betterment of society at large. Our students do not challenge the status quo and build something novel and something better.

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Despite producing a large number of engineers, doctors, and administrators we learn how far behind we are compared to any developed or developing country, when we go abroad. We understand that physical infrastructure in our cities is poor, our cities are poorly managed, our public transport system decrepit, our cities lack basic  infrastructure to collect and dispose of garbage. Air in any of our major city is polluted, water is contaminated. This list can go on. 

We have not been able to design world class roads. Traffic jams throw life out of gear whether in sun shine or during rains. In rainy season, our cities get waterlogged, airport and metro stations get flooded. Traffic lights remain dysfunctional at normal times. Roads develop potholes, children get poisoned food in mid day meal, milk is contaminated with urea to increase profitability. List of apathy and mismanagement goes on year on year and continue to grow. 

Passing thorough small towns one may notice lack of sanitation, no drainage system, no garbage collection and disposal system. Many of these townships have no municipalities or similar system to manage their towns. Public transport system is non existent in most small and medium sized cities and towns.

Interstate bus terminals in small towns deal with travellers, moving to distant parts of state and country. Most bus terminals are organised in a haphazard manner. Entry points are often water logged. Infirm, elderly, woman or child, all have to haul their luggage through dirt and filth. Many terminals lack a decent clean toilet. Public transport buses are not passenger friendly. For infirm, ladies and aged, these buses are very difficult to avail. Yet this kind of machine and this kind of infrastructure have been designed by engineers graduating from our universities.

I think first and foremost we need to design better is our education system and our mindset. Such that we produce better human beings, not simply better doctors / engineers,/ administrators. When our students learn to apply their knowledge for greater common good, be as an employee or as an employer, nothing can stop progress of our nation.

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  1. Today’s education system is raising the army of white collared workers who wont know that brain is given to us for independent thinking and not just for stuffing information.

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  2. Today’s education system is raising the army of white collared workers who wont know that brain is given to us for independent thinking and not just for stuffing information. It definitely needs an overhaul along with good dose of values like honesty and integrity.

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  3. I can relate to the dishonest getting glorified in society. Honesty should start from our homes before expecting it from other people. Nice take on the prompt.

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  4. Education System in My Country Nigeria is nothing to write home about.
    Our Government seems not to be interested in the growth and development of Education sector.

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    1. Every country makes an effort. Education is partly comes from family and partlyfrom school. As we all give good values to children at home fifty percent work gets done.


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