Diversification #Friday Fictioneer

Youngsters flock to fast food joints,” complained Mangu bitterly, “don’t eat our snacks.”
Static profit margin for past several quarters, declining footfall of customers and competition from fast food chains, were becoming a cause of worry, for Mangu Ram and his son Ramesh.
Diversify Bapu,” Ramesh toyed with the model of new store, “Mangu Ram and Son, Snack and Deli,
Who will come to a Deli?” asked Mangu Ram sceptically, “your other idea of adding seating space did not work, either.”
No risk no gain, baapu,” declared Ramesh as he added the final nail, “diversify or be prepared to fold.”

Word Count: 100

This is an effort to write aflash fiction effort with the Friday fictioneers, 01st, Mar, 2019, using picture prompt provided by host Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Other stories can be found here

Photo Prompt : John L Hayes

Read : Unhappy

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41 thoughts on “Diversification #Friday Fictioneer

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  1. I feel sometimes it might seem that changing is the only option but only if we wait for longer the results are surprising. We all know how the Indian market is still ruled by pop and mom stores rather than supermarkets!

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    1. Yes you are right. At the same time if you want to increase customer base you have to serve different things. I don’t know if small stores are growing business or remaining static. Thank you for reading.


  2. I like the way you made the realities of economic survival real in this piece. I may have read into it, but the last sentence told me, that this newest idea is going to be , for the business, the last nail in the coffin.

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