Assignment #BlogchatterA2Z

“Samsher Singh, boss wants you in his office.” “Now? Doesn’t he go home?”  Boss Mr O P Khurana is a strict disciplinarian. Outside his office, colleagues and juniors call him a sadist. He meets junior trainees like Sam in the first hour of morning or in the last hour of evening. But Samsher was not... Continue Reading →

Cemetery Visit #TellTaleThursday

It was a Friday evening. Friends had gathered at the local tea stall. An usual haunt for boys. Today, discussion was about discovery of skeletal remains from under the ruins of an old house. The whole town was talking about the finding, including this group. “I have heard rumor about strange activity in the house,”... Continue Reading →

Life’s Questions Change with Time #WOW

This week’s WOW prompt asks what is ‘The Most Important Question In Life Is…‘.  I have understod in my life the most important question in life changes with changing stages of life. In school days, most important question could be getting best grades and getting into the chosen college. In college the question will be... Continue Reading →

Nervous #FridayFictioneer

Sitting in the air-conditioned office of the General Manager, Hemant was sweating. “you have worked with us for almost a decade,” manager commented, looking at a piece of paper minutely, “you know that cotton textile business is not profitable anymore.” "Company has been laying off people," Hemant's thought his worst fear was coming true, "Hemant,... Continue Reading →

Parenting is a Tough Job #ParentingThenAndNow

Indispire is discussing the following question, “Parenting is a difficult task today. Our generation had a different set of parents. Today parents are more involved with their kids. What do you think?” I think this complex topic involves two sets of questions, (i) are parents of today different from those came before them, and (ii)... Continue Reading →

First Born #SundayPhotoFiction

“I always wanted to have space of my own,” she must have wondered aloud looking at the patch, when the real estate agent as if reading her mind said, “you can create a kitchen garden here.” This patch of green in the back of the house tilted the scale in favor of moving into this... Continue Reading →

Changing Times #TellTaleThursday

Festival of color has arrived. Since time immemorial in this part of the world, men and women  smear color on each other overcoming the barrier of caste and creed.  From his balcony, Subodh was looking at celebration below. Dressed in kurta and pyjama, he was sipping on his glass of thandai. Holi celebration was underway in full... Continue Reading →

Bull’s Eye #CarrotRanch

“if you want Draupadi’s hand in marriage,” Arjuna was told, “ hit the fish eye, on the other side of circling wheel, all by looking at its reflection in water.”  “do you see wheel, and eye of the fish, mighty Arjuna?”  “Yes master, I do,”  “Pierce the eye, now!”  Of all assembled royalties from all over... Continue Reading →

Wheel of Life #FridayFictioneer

“Wise men say life moves in a cycle,” the man thought looking at the slow moving giant wheel decorated with neon signs.  “Dad I also want to ride the wheel,” said young boy, “I want to see the city from the above.” Family, enjoying an evening out, bought tickets for a ride on the wheel... Continue Reading →

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