Suicidal #TellTaleThursday

It was dusk, when I walked into the station. The protective sun shade was accentuating darkness. At this time of the day, not many long distance trains were due to leave or arrive. The platform had a deserted look. Local train that I take home is due to arrive in an hour on this platform.

My mood was as dark and bleak as the platform. My manager at work. Mr. Soni informed me, “We are closingyour department effective tomorrow.” Apart from the shock and hurt, I was totally clueless how to take care of my family in coming months. 


 “Problem?” I was awakened by a middle aged man’s voice, I don’t know where did he materialise from, “come with me.” 

where to?” I asked looking at the head light of the incoming engine. 

Come,” I followed the man towards the incoming engine. He jumped indicating me to do the same. That is when I felt the pull.


another suicide attempt,” opening my eyes lying on the platform, I heard someone murmur. 

why do you want to kill yourself?” asked a security man, who had pulled me back while I was moving in a trance towards the incoming engine. 

What happened to him?” I asked a man. 

 “Who?”the man gave me a look that simply indicated that he thought that I was crazy“ There was no one else.” 

 “Who was the man?” I wondered at the suggestion that I was acutely depressed, “I will never know.”

Word count : 252

This is a post written in response to #TellTaleThursday prompt of Anshu and Priya. More posts in response to the prompt may be found here.

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  1. Depression is really going high today. Too much expectation, competition, comparison, busy schedule, liability are putting pressure on us, sometimes we forget ourselves. Almost everyone has hard time that is the time how we handle it. I feel if there is darkness there is light also. How we see our life. Not so easy but not impossible also. Small is beautiful. Most of slam, rural people are much happier if we compare. Follow the heart. Sometimes security guard comes to rescue us. We have to stand. A beautiful story- a story teller.


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