Shocked #TellTaleThursday

Like every morning, Shefali was sitting before family deity Lord Govinda. But her mind was not on the lord. 

 “Bamun ma, send some one to bazaar for fresh vegetables and fish,” Shefali felt guilty for ignoring her lord but reasoned, “Gobinda will understand, today is special!”

Shefali did not sleep all night. Shailen, her son, heir to Roy Choudhuri empire, is coming home. So much to do. Shefali has personally invited guests who will participate in different functions. Some are family members and other friends. Chaitali was also invited. 

A sweet girl, Chaitali has completed her MA in English literature. Secretly, Shefali has matched horoscope of Shailen and Chaitali. To her utter delight, it was a perfect match, almost made for each other. Shefali could not wait for the two to get married and give her grandchildren.

Raju pick up Shibu mama on your way to airport.”

Shailen was a worried man as his plane neared airport. “I hope mother will send a car. Should I take Steve home or put him up in a hotel?

Shefali, here is the apple of your eyes,” Shibu mama, Shefali’s borther, handedover Shailen to his mother amid ritual welcome and ululation, “for your safe keeping.” Shefali wanted Chaitali to be part of the welcome ritual as well, but she had refused. 

Shailen hugged his mother, and said softly, I have a surprise, “Meet Steve, my husband!”

Watch out,” last words Shefali heard befor losing her senses, “do not let her head hit the ground.” 

Word count : 251

This is a post written in response to #TellTaleThursday prompt of Anshu and Priya. More posts in response to the prompt may be found here.

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  1. I think any mother would be surprised by an unexpected spouse. I’ve never understood why people get married without even telling their family. If ever get married, my mom is one of three people who I would be sure would have to be there.


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