Drinking with a Friend #WOW

“Thud, thud thud, bang, bang bang, - Bappa, oye Bappa what are you two doing in the living room?” we could hear shrill nasal voice of Mrs. Sinha sitting inside the room, "open the door."  Sipping Black Monk Rum Bappa answered, “we are studying mother; remember we have quarterly exam in another week.” Bappa and I... Continue Reading →

Successful #TellTaleThursday

“This brandnew multi level building is the office of National Security Agency.” honorable Home Minister said in his inaugural address, “ this builing will house an agency that will act as a spearhead to assess our external threat perceptions and monitor our internal security situations.” “Ladies and gentlemen,” The minister continued, “I present Mr. Sudhir K Singh... Continue Reading →

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