Changing Times #TellTaleThursday

Festival of color has arrived. Since time immemorial in this part of the world, men and women  smear color on each other overcoming the barrier of caste and creed. 

From his balcony, Subodh was looking at celebration below. Dressed in kurta and pyjama, he was sipping on his glass of thandai. Holi celebration was underway in full swing. Sitting around plates of gulaland gujiya and pitchers full of thandai, someone was playing a dholoki  and singing in a raucous voice “rang barse…” 

A little farther away, the younger crowd had a different gathering. There, boys were trying to put color on girls, who in turn were acting coy while loving the attention. Some protective fathers, zealous brothers, and enthusiastic husband’s were trying to protect their wards, while attempting to color women/ladies/girls that were not in their protectorate. 

Don’t see Aditi here in the crowd?” Subodh asked Sudha as she smeared gulal on his face, “Aditi left to attend her office party at Aditya’s place.” 

I don’t like this,” Subodh said in an unhappy tone, “ you allowed ouryoung unmarried girl moving with single boy on a holi day!”. 

They are good friends and not that naïve either,” Sudha said in a placating tone, “we had eloped when I was much younger.” 

But we got married,” replied Sudhir, “not this friendship business.” 

Times have changed Subodh.Let us go and enjoy the party below. Let Aditi think of her life, she is not a kid any more.”

Word count : 248

This is a post written in response to #TellTaleThursday prompt of Anshu and Priya. More posts in response to the prompt may be found here.

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