Assignment #BlogchatterA2Z

“Samsher Singh, boss wants you in his office.” “Now? Doesn’t he go home?”  Boss Mr O P Khurana is a strict disciplinarian. Outside his office, colleagues and juniors call him a sadist. He meets junior trainees like Sam in the first hour of morning or in the last hour of evening. But Samsher was not... Continue Reading →

Cemetery Visit #TellTaleThursday

It was a Friday evening. Friends had gathered at the local tea stall. An usual haunt for boys. Today, discussion was about discovery of skeletal remains from under the ruins of an old house. The whole town was talking about the finding, including this group. “I have heard rumor about strange activity in the house,”... Continue Reading →

Life’s Questions Change with Time #WOW

This week’s WOW prompt asks what is ‘The Most Important Question In Life Is…‘.  I have understod in my life the most important question in life changes with changing stages of life. In school days, most important question could be getting best grades and getting into the chosen college. In college the question will be... Continue Reading →

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