Assignment #BlogchatterA2Z

Samsher Singh, boss wants you in his office.”

Now? Doesn’t he go home?” 

Boss Mr O P Khurana is a strict disciplinarian. Outside his office, colleagues and juniors call him a sadist. He meets junior trainees like Sam in the first hour of morning or in the last hour of evening. But Samsher was not looking forward to going back to his smoke filled apartment, either. 

You called me sir?

Ah! Sam, my junior trainee! do I have a job for you?” Khurana pulled out a close up photo, “Your bio says you are a photographer. Trace this man, photograph him, his hideout and security detail. Show me what you got. Good work may mean more assignments and better pay.

Samsher was not sure how to react. May be this will spruce his bio and help him earn a little extra. May be he will be able to afford a better apartment. 


Sitting on a hillock, Samsher panned his binocular over the village by the sandy beach. He had arrived at this sea side beach resort town last evening. Now he does not want to return. Compared to his cheap apartment, the village and villas stood out like an epitome of good life. 

someday, with better finances, I would live here,” He brought his focus back, “today I have a job to do.” 

Samsher spotted his man sunbathing. Assembling his high power telephoto lense, he took photograph of the man, his cottage, his pool, and surrounding villas. 


Sam headed towards the city. He was happy that he completed his task. With some luck he may be able to boost his income from more such assignments, Khurana willing. He was sad that he was leaving this paradise for a place, where he will be welcomed by a whiff of stale cigarette smoke, sight of ashtray full of cigarette butts, and empty bottles of whiskey. He will wake up to sound of kids crying and family members bickering. Noise will filter through paper thin walls. He will never see a piece of sky because opening a window means a view clothesline hanging to dry. “I must find a better place to live.”

This post is written as part of #BlogchatterA2Z.

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  1. So here is some continuous fiction. I wrote continuous fiction last year. Will definitely read this to the end. Interesting beginning. Looking ahead to the next post.

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  2. I was scrolling down hurriedly to get to know what happens next only to find it ending abruptly. Now I’ll have to wait for your next post 😀 Nice start to the story! Looking forward to reading more!

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