Life’s Questions Change with Time #WOW


This week’s WOW prompt asks what is ‘The Most Important Question In Life Is…‘.  I have understod in my life the most important question in life changes with changing stages of life. In school days, most important question could be getting best grades and getting into the chosen college. In college the question will be possibility of landing a good job, and the list goes on. The most important question of today may become insignificant tomorrow. Trick is to understand the game mind plays and go beyond this.

It was a summer evening of 1980. My second year college practical exams were over. I was agitated because I thought external examiner was unfair to me. With my friend, I went to Rama Krishna Sarada Mission, in Hauz Khas, Delhi. My friend was familiar with a resident monk in the mission.  We announced our arrival and were waiting in the lobby. I was still thinking about my test. In walked a saffron robed monk, now on I shall call her mataji. She had a straight posture, smiling face, penetrating eyes and closely cropped salt and pepper hair.  She was the principal of nursery school run by the mission.

After initial introduction, Mataji asked what was our problem. As if flood gates had opened, I emptied my mind of all bitterness. Mataji heard my wailings, but did not dwell on it. Instead, she kept on talking essence of Vedanta. Gradually mind quietend  and a strange peace desecended. All my problems, all my bitterness became so trivial, so irrelevant. I was exposed to the idea of a deeper purpose of our existence and got an understanding that our experiences are essentially subjective. Like, from an altitude, both a skyscraper and a hutment appear similar, by altering perspsective one may be able to tackle his perception of a problem better.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ More posts based on the prompt may be found here.

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