Navratra #BlogchatterA2Z


Autumn is a beautiful season. Unbearable summer sun starts to beat a retreat. Evenings become cooler. According to legend, this is the time Lord Rama had sought blessings from mother goddess, the lion tamer, for victory against the demon king Ravana. For nine days and nine nights, devotees eat vegetarian food, pray at mother’s feet and watch Ram Leela. Navratra ends with slaying of Ravana. As good will emerge victorius over evil.

This navratra, Shalini was out shopping in the local market. Market was buzzing with people.

Sale, sale , sale! Come to our navratri sale! Come behen, come bhabi!”

Young boy shouted enthusiastically as he directed customers to his shop.

Come didi, this sandal is matching your kurta! Visit Ramleela wearing our sandal. Beat Ravana with our sandal. Buy one get one free.”

Shoe shop owner has decided to get maximum business out of the season. He arranged his stock on the footpath.

Its only for the few days, sahab,” owner assured the beat constable, “I shall fold by end of navratri.”

I hope you will stick to your word” police man warned the shopkeeper pocketing the five hundred rupee note, “I do not want to come back again.”

Sale , sale, sale, Navratra sale, come sister, come bhabi, come mother. Buy one get one free,” young boy enticed customers, reassured of his wage for nine more days.

This Navratra, Shalini is assured of a regular income. Brimming with confidence, she has a good feeling, now that she has a job.

This post is written as part of #BlogchatterA2Z Blogging Challenge.

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  1. Your post took me down the memory lane to the times when I would go shopping with my mom around such occasions and the same sounds would echo in my ears all the while we were on the streets bargaining with the shopkeepers. Lovely read!

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  2. I had been to Gujrat for 3 years and Navratri celebration is so huge and magnificent there. your post has recalled me those awesome memories. loving the series so much.

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  3. Navratri is indeed the time for all the fun n shopping… Also, I feel you have created the feel of a beautiful local shopping market with your words… no mall shopping can ever come close to the experience of shopping with mom in these markets of Delhi.

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  4. This post reminded me of the navratra mela I had visited once as a child. I was so mesmerised with the different rides and so many shops with so many things…

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