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I want to soak some sun, breathe fresh air, soothe my eyes looking at the greenery,” insisted mother, “I am tired of these four walls. I cannot take it anymore.”

Mother noticed the yellow bicycle as soon as they emerged from the station. The sheer beauty of the yellow color filled her mind with happiness. She was transported to her childhood days when world used to be full of color and possibilities.

Why don’t we rent one,” she asked her daughter, “let me try if I can pedal a few kilo meteres around the lake.

Are your sure mother” asked her daughter, “you are not completely fit yet; you want to pedal all by yourself! Why don’t we walk?

Mother was stubborn as usual. She rode the bicycle slowly but surely around the lake on a bright sunny day when bright yellow dandelions smiled at her and cheered for her by swaying in the wind.

That night mother passed away with a beautiful and contended smile on her face. Thank god, I agreed to her cycling. I would forever feel guilty for depriving her of the happiness, thought her daughter.

This post is written as part of #BlogchatterA2Z Blogging Challenge.

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  1. indeed sometimes small things and little wishes matter most in life. love the way you had create the whole scene and narrated this sweet tiny tale. and also many many congrats sir for completing challenge successfully. I had a great time while reading your posts.

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  2. Have you seen the movie Piku? Your heart warming story reminded me of its climax. Sometimes it is that satisfaction of knowing that you fulfilled your parents last wish, however trivial it might have been that helps one lead a life of peace.


    1. I did watch the movie. As a Bengali, how could I have missed. But when I came up with this story, I found it weird about riding a bike and then leaving this body. At that time I remembered about Piku. The movie grossed 100 crore plus. So audience did not see the idea absurd.


  3. Although I have missed a few of your post I have always enjoyed and cherished your writing. Sometimes things just appear too small or too silly but it means a lot for that moment and leaves a mark forever.

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  4. My maternal grandfather wanted to have Gulab Jamun as the last thing he had. There is something soothing about knowing that a person was at peace when he finally left. Good post sir.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia


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