Reading And Writing Are Not Mutually Exclusive #MoreWritesThanReaders



This week Indispire asks if India will have more writers than readers in near future? There is no doubt that many people have picked up a pen and / or have started punching keypad of their computers. Writing is a way to express an individual’s inner thoughts and bringing  to the forefront. Why so many people have started writing, all of a sudden?We don’t know. One possibility could be more and more people are looking for an alternative vocation to boost their income. Success of Chetan Bhagat, a graduate of IIT and IIM, has prompted many educated Indians that writing can be an alternative vocation. One decent success can bring in lot of money and fame.

Second possibility is that publishing an article has been democratized. One need not approval of an editor to publish a non offensive article on the social media sites. Possibility of self publishing has also allowed many writers to become an author. By traditional route, an author has to submit a manuscript and wait for good 3 – 6 months to get an approval or rejection. Many editors do not even entertain new and firstime authors. An author who publishes good content on electronic forum, may get more hits by his / her followers and a consistently good content may attract attention of big publishing houses.

One cannot deny that as more and more authors create content the quality may suffer. It is however, the choice of readers. If readers do not find a content appealing they may not read. At the same time, those who write does not mean that they do not read. Reading and writing cannot be mutually exclusive.

Current post is written in response to Indispire prompt. More posts on the topic may be found here.

Note : Desert Plant is my first attempt at writing fiction. The collection of standalone, 300 – 500 words long, micro stories are a reflection of life. You can read these stories here, free of charge for a limited period of time.
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6 thoughts on “Reading And Writing Are Not Mutually Exclusive #MoreWritesThanReaders

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  1. I agree with you Abhijit ji. Market is already full of books, Its readers choice to read the books or posts of there own choice, as good authors are already there.
    The blogs are providing good platform to the new commons, for reading, writing and learning.


  2. You have nailed it by saying reading and writing are not mutually exclusive. If there is more content than needed, it is upto the reader to make the choice. Writers like Ruskin Bond need not necessarily be alarmed.

    Of course, if traditional authors are worried about their own market share being reduced due to the advent of self publishing and other easy publishing platforms, that is another story.

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. A good content will always be read. Certainly Ruskin bond has no competition.


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