Journey #TellTaleThursday


“Come Som, come,”his friend called out from the other side, “a few steps more, cross the bridge, and we are there.”Som looked at the wobbly wooden bridge. A bridge that joined both sides of the abyss. Every step on the bridge, felt it would be his last step.

Som looked tired. He had been walking for many days to leave his past behind. On the other side, lies a bright future full of peace and tranquility. Som had no more energy left to negotiate the final hurdle, the bridge. Physically and mentally drained, Som sat the base of the bridge and cried out, “I can’t go on any farther; I am staying here.”


Wake up Som, wake up,”from far, far away, he could hear a deep voice knocking at the door of his inner recess of mind, as Som slowly came out of the state of deep hypnosis. He found himself sitting cross legged across the seer, dressed in a saffron coloured flowing robe, and a sacred fire burning between them. He remembered he had come here to unravel his past and future. “Som, the journey that you experienced, represents the journey of your life. You appear tired and do not have energy to take the final step that may take you to a better tomorrow,” said the seer, “be courageous, take bold step and cross the bridge.”

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Word Count 228

This is a post written in response to #TellTaleThursday prompt of Anshu and Priya. More posts in response to the prompt may be found here.

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