Choices We Make #WiseChoices



This week Indispire prompt is about making right choice in life. What should be the choice and how do we decide it. We are often told from our childhood days that we should be kind to others. We should treat fellow human being, with care. Question is why and can we really control how we react to a situation in life?

As I see it, every person in his / her life has to make choices, conscious or subconscious, at every step. Most important being should I live or should I give up life. This is followed by choices like education, job, marriage, and the list goes on. Some choices are so fundamental that we do not think twice at the conscious level. For many others choices, we are dictated by society.

While making a choice, we are often faced with the the dilemma about the path to follow. Should we listen to our heart or should we listen to our brain? Those who listen to their hearts, tend to be show empathy for other human beings trouble. They use kind words, try to help with material goods, if nothing else they tend to give a sympathetic hearing. On the other hand, analytical people tend to think with their brain. They try to analyse what is in it for me, if I do certain act of kindness. They try to recall, if the person under consideration treated him well in troubled times.

We are often told that we should be kind to others. Question is can we really control the way we react to a situation in our lives? Whatever stimulus that goes inside our brain through sense organs and processed through release of neuro-chemicals. These chemicals make us react in a manner that is either emphatic or cynical. May be through intense and regular practice we can change the way certain chemicals are released in response to a stimulus, but we do not know for sure if such a thing really happens or not. What we know that we may be able to control our basic impulse of extreme empathy or extreme cynicism to certain extent.

Most of us common people do not fall in the extreme end of either spectrum. We are a mix and match of little kindness and little analysis. If someone does not openly go out of the way to harm us, ususally we stand by the person in the time of distress. Sometime out of genuine feeling of empathy, sometime under social pressure and sometime in anticipation of falling into good books of the aggrieved person.

Note: This post is written in response to Indispire prompt. More posts on the prompt may be found here.

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  1. ‘Most important being should I live or should I give up life.’ : This line shows the depth of thinking pattern of the writer. Great stuff!


    1. Thank you Neeraj Ji. Yes we have to face that choice sometime in life. Some decide to move on with life, others choose otherway.


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