Blogging Makes Me Happy #IAMBLOGGER


I have been blogging for sometime time now. I started to write for the good feeling that came from the ability to combine together pieces of information and synthesise a concise piece. Generally, many people write on a specific area of expertise. I had no specific area of specialisation. I wrote on topics that interested me. I attempted to put forward my thoughts in public domain.

Like every blogger, I also want to be read. It would be wrong not to accept that I feel good when someone reacts to my post. It does not matter if the reaction is negative. At least it shows that the person has read the post. To some extent I feel a scathing negative comment, that indicates that a reader has read the post, is better than a positive comment that simply says a “great post” or “loved it”.

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A measure of success for any blogger is how many people regularly reading his post. I do not see anything wrong in having a great fan following. I have no hesitation in saying that I have followed ways and means available on the net to popularise my blog.

  1. I have put my blog post in aggregator sites like Indiblogger and Blogadda.
  2. Read posts of other bloggers and left comments, usually constructive comments.
  3. Shared the blog post visited on social media sites, in the hope that the other blogger would visit my blog and reciprocate the gesture.
  4. I have participated in blogging challenges like “My Friend Alexa” and “A2Z Blogging Challenge” organised by Blogchatter. I saw my Alexa Rank dip, a sign of posts being read and blog being visited, during the month long challenges. However, this success and / or popularity lasted only during the duration of challenge. Once the challenge was over, most bloggers stopped reading other bloggers, unless they were part of a closely knit group.
  5. Finally, it has been suggested that a blogger should choose a niche area, that readers commonly search for. For example, travel, eating out, raising children etc. There are many blogs that are extremely popular and award winning in these areas. But I do not write in one specific area.

Monetisation of a blog depends on number of visitors a blog attracts. My effort at monetisation of my blog was repeatedly refused because less number of visitors that come to my site. I read somewhere that if a blogger creates his own paid site, then chances of monetisation increases. I do not have a paid site, another negative point against monetisation of a blog.

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I have read that a blogger can participate in a contest, or a blogger can write for a product. A good post is rewarded. Though not everyone wins a prize, hope always drives the effort. A winner always can brighten up his resume and apply for similar or better opportunities outside any competition. I have never participated in any competition or wrote for or against a product.

Despite, low number of followers and no obvious way to monetise my blog, I feel good writing my posts. I feel guilty if I cannot write my post at regular interval. I would not mind if more people are reading my posts and if I earn money writing. But, money and fame are not the driving force for my writing at this stage on my life.

Note : The present post is written in response to #Indispire prompt. More posts in response to the prompt may be found here.

13 thoughts on “Blogging Makes Me Happy #IAMBLOGGER

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  1. Comments like “nice” and “great post” add little value to bloggers. I failed to understand why someone should post such comments? If the idea is to attract attention and readers, a meaningful comment will be better.
    Only a few bloggers are able to monetize their blogs. I found many bloggers writing only paid posts and find it devoid of “soul”. I see no point if someone is writing only “PR” material. It adds no value. Even if you are unable to generate money, I feel you should continue to write as it is rewarding experience for you.


    1. Thank you for your comment. For me ability to make a cogent argument is reward enough. I am not looking to earn money. At the same time I don’t think it is bad to aspire for followers and and earn money.


    1. Thank you for reading. You are better organized. You write about nature. As long as writing keeps the writer happy that becomes most important.


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