Count Your Blessings #GratitudeMonth


This week Indispire asks us to share three things that I should be grateful for in my life.

In this day and age, society admires men and women with material wealth. Doors open and paths are cleared for a person with wealthy, no matter how the wealth is acquired.  Society judges success of an individual in the light of his / her material acquisition, and whether the acquired item makes an individual stand apart in his social surroundings. In this day and age it is difficult for a person without a courage of conviction to feel grateful. A friend, a reasonably religious person, once commented, “if everyone is having fun, why should I be the one to be left behind?

Still there are occasions when an individual feels grateful in his or her life.  Let me explain three things that I should really feel grateful in my life:

  1. Being born to parents who valued education more than money. My parents, even when they had aged and were unwell, did not force me to give up on pursuit of education and take up a job. Parents who despite being not materially wealthy, inculcated a value of honesty and self respect in their children.
  2. I am grateful for the gift of health. In this day and age, lifestyle related ailments have become prevalent. Many suffer from diseases like high blood sugar, high blood pressure and associated problems. I am thankful that with gods grace I have not visited a hospital as a patient, till date. I hope and pray this continues.
  3. I grateful for getting an opportunity to be associated with Rama Krishna Mission and Rama Krishna Sarada Math. An association that gave me a glimpse of a deeper purpose in life and introduced me to japa yoga. I would have remained oblivious to a treasure that is my inheritance.

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In the end I would say, there is a lot to be grateful about in our lives. We should feel sad that we do not have vision to appreciate our blessings. As a friend once said, on the face of my bitterness to life’s existence, “count your blessings, things can be a lot worse.”

Note : The present post is written in response to Indispire prompt. More posts on the topic may be found here.



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