Different Interpretation Possible for Same Fact #NoFacts


As we discuss this week’s Indispire topic, I believe both facts and interpretations are real. Time and again it has been shown that two people may see the same thing but come out with a different idea. This different description of the same object is called interpretation. For every observation in life there can be multiple interpretations.

A case in point is the picture shown above. Two groups of students were shown the same picture in a class room.  One group saw the photo of an old lady, and another group interpreted the photo to be that of a young woman.

At the molecular and cellular level, we know that when light particle hit photo-receptors of retina, message is carried electrically to centers in the brain. Images that are formed in the brain depend on the physical structure of sensory organ that receive the message. A fly has literally thousands of eyes, an eagle has ability to view objects in wide angle vision. A dog can sense and smell much better than many other species including humans. An image formed in the brain is analysed against past experience and current state of mind. This analysis is also a play of neurochemicals. Thus depending on structure of sensory organ, and interplay of neurochemicals our interpretation may vary. Some picture may give one person extreme happiness, in another person the same picture may give intense displeasure.

A human being has a highly evolved and complex nervous system. Human beings also have a great analytical ability. So it is no surprise that we may analyse an object in a different way. In life we often see lawyers argue differently looking at the same set of data.

Note: Current post is written in response to Indispire prompt. More articles in response to the prompt may be found here.


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