Sushant Singh Rajput Death Probe: A Tale of Distraction and Obstruction


Every day we are experiencing new twists and turns in the mysterious suicide / death of Sushant Singh Rajput. At the begining, it was said that Sushant committed suicide because he was depressed. Sushant did not have work. Sushant craved to be recognized. Suhant was often neglected by Bolywood insiders, star kids who have powerful family connection in the film industry. So much so for nearly a month after his death, Mumbai police had interviewed important producers, directors and film personalities. With no case registered more than a month after the actor’s death, it is appropriate to ask what does police has to show for their investigation, which by their own admission was a simple case of suicide? Was nepotism debate and interviewing bolywood personalities was simply a diversionary tactics?


As things are emerging now, family of Sushant Singh had complained to police, DCP Bandra, Mumbai, and it was acknowledged but not pursued. One news channel had interviewed a Chartered Accountant, who had claimed, to be managing Sushant’s money, that no money was missing from Sushant ‘s account. Today we hear, from Mumbai police, that nearly 13 crores was missing from the late actor’s account. Why did police not investigate the matter so far? Why did Bihar police had to come out with public statement for Mumbai police to act? Missing money may not mean corruption, but the transaction should be investigated. Lastly who was the mysterious chartered accountant interviewed by a TV channel? What was his motive?

Another mysterious and unexplained matter, that needs a probe, is Sushant Singh’s so called depression. Was this depression an endogenous depression or drug induced one? Rumor has come out that girl friend of Sushant was controlling what medicines he took, what he ate and drank. It was a physician known to the lady friend who was looking after Sushant. Should this angle not be probed, given that drugs are known to induce depression and precipitate mental dysfunction? Many friends and relatives, who knew Sushant had asserted that the actor was not depressed. A person dyng of depression will have a clean post mortem report. Thus post mortem cannot be taken at face value that Sushant Singh was not forced to kill himself, if at all.

It has emerged that a high profile young minister of Maharashtra was in a party at Sushant’s residence, the night before his death. Last I heard, BJP Rajya Sabha MP, Dr. Subrahmanya Swamy telling Priya Sahgal of NewsX TV channel on 4th of Aug, 2020, that there were several politicians sons had attended Sushant’s party. Did police of Mumbai investigate nepotism angle to cover these politician and wards of politician? Was Sushant’s girl friend acquainted with these politicians and / or trying to build contact with these powerful people, as a result police was providing a cover for her? This matter should be looked into.

Finally why police officers coming to investigate the case from Bihar were put into fourteen day quarantine, when the officers had clearance certificate,? Not only Bihar police not shown any cooperation, their efforts were blocked. This again raises suspicion that Mumbai police is trying to hide something or protect someone. Who is that person,? How is he related to Sushant’s death,? Mystery thickens.



6 thoughts on “Sushant Singh Rajput Death Probe: A Tale of Distraction and Obstruction

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  1. It is a tragic case. The handling of Sushant’s death by the police depicts something is not right. We have already heard a lot about political connections and affiliations of Bollywood. I hope that a fair investigation will lead to the cause and reason for his death.


    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. True, investigation should have been done properly. I am not sure why police have first priority to Bollywood. Given it is impossible to prove nepotism in black and white. Why didn’t police enquire about people who were around Sushant? Given many families do not want their son, albeit a successful one, to marry outside community, I would not be surprised if Sushant’s girl friend and family did not get along. But allegation of money transaction, medication with potentially mood altering drugs etc should have been investigated. Police should have at least followed up on WhatsApp complaint of Sushant’s family.

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      1. Well, nepotism is just a distraction. It is easy to do so because media will do the rest. Political connection and financial interests are common reasons. We all know about corruption being rampant.

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