Who Killed Sushant Singh Rajput? Love or Greed!

More than sixty days have passed since Mr. Sushant Singh Rajput, a film actor at the film industry in Mumbai, was found hanging in his bed room. With every passing day post the incidence, incompetence and / or complicity of Mumbai police is becoming more and more apparent and glaring. Not only the police ignored cry of help by the family of the actor nearly two months before for not being a formal report, they failed to secure the scene of death and gave a certificate of suicide to the case. Thereafter, for more than sixty days, police had been investigating top film personalities without filing any FIR.

Amid all this sloppiness, one may find it unusual, if not strange, attitude of the police towards Sushant Singh’s live in partner Ms. Rhea Chakraborty. DCP of Bandra Zone Mumbai, who failed to acknowledge Sushant Singh Rajput family’s SOS, personally phoned up Ms. Chakraborty to come for an interrogation! Not only that, Ms. Chakraborty was provided a personalized access to Sushant Singh’s mortal remains in the Cooper Hospital Mortuary (reference). According to people well versed with the rules and regulations, such a visit is against the law. Only family members of the deceased accompanied by a police officer is granted such an access? Was Rhea Chakrabory there to see Sushant for the last time? Was Rhea allowed as a family member, when Sushant’s blood sister was present in the city and by her own account and admission, Rhea Chakraborty had ceased to be Sushant’s girl-friend around a weak before Sushant’s death!

Rhea Chakrabory had entered Sushant Singh’s life as his rumored girl friend. Both had started living together, they had taken vacations together in India and abroad. It is Rhea who first reported that Sushant was suffering from mental illness. WhatsApp chat between Rhea Chakraborty and noted film director / producer Mahesh Bhatt, that has surfaced in public domain, suggests that Rhea was consulting Mr. Bhatt about her relationship with Sushant. Apparently, Mr Bhatt was advicing / encouraging Rhea to leave Sushant. According to Mr Bhatt, Sushant was suffering from mental ailment like late Parveen Babi and it would be in the interest of Rhea to leave the man. Rhea also acknowledged, albeit with a heavy heart, that she had left Sushant and thanked Mr. Bhatt for unclipping her. It is important to note that Sushant was being treated by a physician adviced by Mr. Bhatt.

Was Sushant depressed enough to commit suicide? A serious mental depression can make a person suicidal, but such a condition is a long term affair and does not emerge out of the blue on fine morning. There are symptoms and signs of depression. Chronically depressed people show a despondent and defeatist attitude towards life. Friends and family that came in contact with Sushant generally were touched by his erudition, enthusiasm and generosity. Sushant had long term. Plans and he was working at his goals in a time bound manner. There is no denying that as a live in partner, Rhea would have access to mood swings of Sushant that others may not have. It must be noted that Sushant was intimate with at least two other ladies, namely Ankita Lokhande and Sara Ali Khan, and in one case relationship had lasted much longer than that with Rhea. No one had ever mentioned any streak of depression in Sushant.

Was Rhea in the relationship for money or for love? If she was in for love, why did she leave Sushant when by her own account Sushant was most vulnerable? If Rhea was concerned about Sushant, why didn’t she leave instructions for Sushant’s relatives about medicines he was taking? If Rhea was concerned about poor mental health of Sushant why did she move in with Sushant, why did she visit Europe with a person she considered a mental case? Mental depression and suicidal tendency can be precipitated by drugs that act on nerveous system. It is important to note that Sushant was taken to a doctor suggested by Mr. Mahesh Bhatt. The same Mr. Bhatt who was advicing Rhea to dump Sushant. Did Rhea intentionally feed Sushant with mood altering drugs such that she can prove the man was not well? Was Mr. Mahesh Bhatt felt attracted towards Rhea and saw Sushant as a competition? Septugenarian Mahesh Bhatt has been married twice and has daughter as old as Rhea. Yet Mr. Bhatt’s love for young ladies is legendary. He had once commented that he would have married Pooja Bhatt, if Pooja was not his daughter. Mr Bhatt had been linked with late Parveen Babi to late actress Jia Khan. Photographs of Rhea and Mahesh Bhatt available in the public domain may suggest that two shared more than mentor-mentee relationship.

In the face of deliberate and / or callous attitude of Mumbai police, ambition, greed and duplicity of a starlet and amorous advances of an elderly film personality, the nation was hoping that Supreme court ensure a thorough investigation of the mystery death of an aspiring actor. Now that CBI has been authorised by the Supreme Court of India to take charge of Sushant Singh Rajput death investigation, moot question remains what will CBI find after more than two months of the incidence. Much of the evidence must have disappeared, as the scene was not secured. Video footage suggests two bodies were removed. Men and women have walked in and out of the place. No photograph of Sushant hanging was collected. Body of Sushant was was lying on the bed, and two police men were heard saying “if this footage is leaked to media we shall be in trouble”. Many potential accused were not questioned, some probably have left town. In this messy scenario, is Sushant Singh case going the Arushi Talwar way? I hope not, but CBI has its work cut out. Finally, if nothing else, CBI must investigate the DCP that was exchanging message with Sushant’s girlfriend / leave in partner. If necessary, this DCP should be asked to retire without pension.

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