Sushant Singh Rajput Death: Unanswered Questions

The mystery behind life and death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput is getting complicated everyday. With so many actors and as many plots, where everyone seems to have an agenda, be it his girl friend and live in partner or his blood relatives back in Bihar. There are so many stories and plants that emerge at regular intervals. Some claim the man was a drug addict. Others swear by his nerveous disorder. Another set of people believe that Sushant was a victim of a massive fraud, where he was systematically robbed of his wealth, made a drug addict, and eventually murdered, drug induced suicide or man induced homicide! As if all these are not enough, there is callous indifference and complicity shown by the law enforcement agency, which it appears to bent upon declaring Sushant Singh death to be a an act of suicide. It is a herculean task for the investigators to peel away the layer of lies and unravel the truth such that a justice is eventually delivered to the battered soul.

Doctor Patient Confidentiality : It is beyond the scope of this essay to explore all aspects of complexities in the life and death of Sushant Singh Rajput. I shall attempt to highlight a few oddities that have come to my untrained mind. Sushant Singh was a man with bipolar disorder, as has been claimed by a physician in her discussion with a journalist. What I found odd that a physician not only coming out in support of a person under investigation, she was discussing a patient by passing all patient client confidentiality. A lay person would assume that such a confidentiality is considered to be sacrosanct in a doctor patient relationship. In this regard, another noted neuro physician in Mumbai, Dr Shetty did not take it kindly to Rhea Chakraborty, Sushant’s girl friend, dropping his name while discussing Sushant’s medical problem/s.

Bipolar Disease : A cursory search of the basis of a bipolar disorder suggests that bipolar disorder is generally hereditary in nature. A bipolar disorder does not show it self one fine morning. Generally, such a condition persists from early childhood of the afflicted person. Now question arises, was any member of Sushant’s family bipolar? Did anyone else in relationship with Sushant felt the man vascillates between extremes of mania and depression? Among several relationships that Sushant had, his relationship with Ankita Lokhande lasted the longest. Did Ankita Lokhande ever report odditiy in Sushant’s behaviour? So far nothing much has emerged on this angle.

Why live with an addict : If we accept the doctor’s diagnosis that Sushant was suffering from mental disorder, then ideally Sushant should be under prescription medication. Instead, what emerged in public domain that Sushant was smoking marijuana. According to his girl friend, Sushant had acquired this habit during the time he was shooting for Kedarnath. Obvious question that comes out as to why did Rhea choose to get into a relationship with a marijuana addict? Rhea and Sushant were not married, she could have simply left him. May be Rhea thought, it can be argued, that she would be able to rid Sushant of his dependence on marijuana.

Why buy drugs from peddlers : May be that is why CBD oil came to the scene. We have heard about whatsapp chat where Rhea’s publicisit Jaya was advising her to mix a few drops in drink and wait for thirty minutes for the effect to kick in. We dont know who was this medicine intended to, and what kind of effect one was expecting. CBD oil in the US is used to treat childhood epilepsy. But depending upon source of the oil and how pure it was, CBD oil may contain tetrahydrocannabinol, the component that gives psychedelic effect of marijuana. Given that CBD oil for Sushant was most likely acquired from peddlers, one cannot be certain of its purity. The report that Sushant suffered from hallucination makes one wonder if this hallucination was endogenous or was it induced by smoking marijuana and consuming CBD oil? Was messages passed on to Sushant before or after a smoke to accentuate his hallucination? Was trip to spritual resort had any bearing on Sushant’s mental health?

Why no prescription medicine : If a doctor had diagonsed Sushant to be bipolar, why Sushant, along with his friends, was taking marijuana and CBD oil and god knows what? It can be argued that Sushant did not believe in modern medicines, or side effects of nerve function altering drugs were unbearable, and Sushant opted to smoke marijuana, or take CBD oil. Was it not the responsibility of his friend cum live in partner, who claimed to have loved him so much, to get him admitted to a hospital, or take him abroad where marijuana and CBD oil were legal, Sushant could have afforded the therapy, or inform Sushant’s family to take care of their boy that he took his medicines regularly?

Why Sushant was anxious : We have heard that Sushant was suffering from anxiety disorder and taking drugs like marijuana, CBD oil, and modafinil. As discussed earlier, it is not clear why Sushant was taking so many non prescription drugs? Dr. Shetty had disputed the fact that he had prescribed modafinil to Sushant. Also, modafinil is not exactly an anti-anxiety drug. Question also arises as to why Sushant was so anxious? In his long relationship with Ankita Lokhande. such an issue never surfaced. Rather, Sushant graduated from a TV star to a successful movie star. This may indicate that the relationship was not stressful for Sushant. Sushant had really short relation with Rhea, yet all problems surfaced during the time.

Why leave someone you love : Instead of solving the issue by going to a professional physician and treating the ailment scientifically, we saw the lady who had claimed to have loved Sushant, left him, blocked her phone and did not communicate with him till he died. Later she went to the morgue to say sorry. One may wonder why? Was she aware what was to happen to Sushant, for some unexplicable sin of seeing or hearing the unimaginable, and left the love of her life to die? We would probably never know.


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