A Balance Needed Between Economy and Environment #Tourism

"Too much of anything is bad" the adage came to my mind as I tried to respond to this week's Indispire prompt asking "if too much tourism creates environmental problems?"  I certainly feel as more and more people take to travel, they inadvertently bring about damage to environment. Those who manage government, probably looks at... Continue Reading →

Woman Unfriendly India

Recently, a perception based survey was published. Survey was conducted by Thompson Reuter Foundation and opinions of global experts were collated. According to the findings of survey, India is the most dangerous country for women. India was placed below war torn Syria and Afghanistan, conservative Iran and Saudi Arabia among others. Predictably, the findings of... Continue Reading →

Punish Child Rapist with Death

India is grappling with rapidly rising incidence of violence against women. Among various crimes committed against a woman, one that often comes to our notice is rape. Many say rape is an expression of power by a man against a woman. But, what would you say when subject of male violence is a child who... Continue Reading →

Drought and Water Harvesting

Different regions of India face severe draught every year. In 2016, almost eight states were under the grip of drought. Worst affected was Latur district  in  Marathwada region of Maharashtra. So acute was water shortage that government had to run water train to the water scarce region. There was two aspects to the problem. One... Continue Reading →

Train Travel Leaves Me Disappointed

I love to travel by train. I have fond memories of train travel. Over time train travel has evolved for passengers. Many of us have moved from non-airconditioned coaches to airconditioned coaches. We have moved from slower trains to one that offer faster travel and better convenience. As a nation we are even thinking of... Continue Reading →

Culling Wild Animals Abhorrent but Choices are Limited

A battle has erupted between environment minister Prakash Javdekar on one side, and noted animal right activist and central minister Ms Maneka Gandhi along with animal rights groups on the other. Issue at hand is permission granted by environment ministry to kill Nilgai in Bihar. Activists representing animal rights groups call killing of Nilgai in Bihar... Continue Reading →

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