To Each Writer, His Own #StoryWriting

The following question has been posed as current week’s Indispire prompt : “Must story writers pick up incidents from their own life or create everything in their imagination? Where do good stories really begin?” When a writer decides to pen a story, he has to create a plot and develop characters supporting the plot. Can... Continue Reading →


Search #WOW

I ask myself, what is my worst fear, remain single, I hear lonely may be, but free.   Am I ready, I ask to follow norms, tie myself down, against my will?   I travelled far, I travelled wide, searching for that anchor,  to tie my boat, in this sea of life.   ‘This post is a part... Continue Reading →

A Barbaric Act #WOW

“Minister wants the tiger dead”, said Singh, a senior bureaucrat Singh from forest ministry, while scanning the landscape of Tippeshwar Tiger Sanctuary in the Yavatmal District of Maharashtra, “now that court has given shoot at sight order.”  “ Sir, I think court has given shoot at sight order only as a last resort; why don’t... Continue Reading →

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