Unusual Questions

“Baba is there life outside our earth?” Toto asked while inserting a metal antenna inside a milk carton. Unprepared Dad could not fathom the direction conversation was going, so he simply said, “I don’t know son. Why do you ask?” “Last night I was looking at the sky,” Toto said while looking at Kanji scripts... Continue Reading →


Farmer Distress, IPL Match and Political Posturing

Two superstars of South Indian film industry, took decision to join politics of Tamil Nadu. Mr. Kamal Hassan has formed his party and named it as Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM). Whereas, Mr. Rajnikanth has only made his intention clear but not officially formed his party yet. Both superstars of Tamil film industry have an army... Continue Reading →

Mr. Vijay Mallya, and His Worries

Billionaire business tycoon, Mr. Vijay Mallya, who ran an airline and a liquor business, defaulted on loans taken from nationalised banks in India. Amount of his due was believed to be upwards to 3000 crore rupees. Tycoon did not pay salaries to his airline employees, let alone the money that was due to banks. Finally,... Continue Reading →

Violent People and Turbulent Sky

It is generally accepted that air space around India’s crowded airports is not ideal. We have heard horror stories of aircrafts coming dangerously close. We have heard incidence of computer in air traffic control failing and manual management of busy airports often become difficult. All said and done, by gods grace, we have not seen... Continue Reading →

Anil Kumble was Treated Poorly

We wish well to Indian cricket team. Let them win many tournaments, both at home and abroad. Let us hope and pray that the team ICC championships. Question arises how cricket administrators treat past great players who take up responsibility of coaching the team. Despite an attempt to clean up the way cricket administration works... Continue Reading →

Protect Cow, Jail Gau Rakshak

I am not a gau rakshak (protector of cow). I despise people killing a human in the name of cow protection. While all living beings are sacred, in the relative world we live in, a human life is more important than an animal life, no matter how revered. Economists believe, unless farmers are allowed to... Continue Reading →

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