Control Kills Creativity #PromotingCreativity

This week, Indispire prompt asks the question if there exists an inverse relationship between power and culture – when power declines, culture flourishes… If I understood it correctly, power in question is political power that controls life and liberty of citizens. And, culture includes any or all activity like writing, painting, music, theatre etc, all... Continue Reading →

Artist #SundayPhotoFiction

“I want to be a professional artist dad,” Titu announced in the breakfast table. “Son we agreed to you joining an art school,” his father broke the silence and commented, “we thought your fad will pass; now you want to become a full time artist! are you out of your mind?” “Dad I draw well,... Continue Reading →

Art Outreach

  “We need to create an awareness for art in the society, at large. Then and only then, our funding problem may be solved,” opined dean of art school. I recognised the location of this week’s outreach program office from the artwork hanging from a tree. Barring a few chairs and kit bags, not a... Continue Reading →

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