Outsmarted #BlogchatterA2Z

"Everyone knew Jaswant Singh’s daughter Shefali to be smart and good looking," Sam was sharing his crush on Shefali, daughter of Jaswant Singh. Jaswant Singh being a maths teacher in school, not many could approach her for fear of upsetting the teacher. Not Samsher. He did not care much for his grades, which were low... Continue Reading →

Trapped #Sunday Photo Fiction

Arun rode his bicycle at breakneck speed. This Sunday, Mr. Sanyal’s daughter Shefali has agreed to go for a lunch date with him, provided Arun took Mr Sanyal’s permission.  “Sir home?” parking his bicycle Arun asked Shefali, “did you tell him?” “backyard; trying to build a tree house for his grandson," answered Shefali, "ask him... Continue Reading →

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