Someone at the Door #Indispire

 “Thud Thud Thud,” “Thud Thud Thud” “Thud Thud Thud”. Mrs Patel heard the sound of knockon her front . “It cannot be,” she closed her eyes and wanted to go back to sleep, “I am not leaving warm bed now.” Rythmic beatings were relentless - three knocks a five second break again three knocks. As if a... Continue Reading →

Coincidence #FridayFictioneer

“Pick me up from the airport,” Nirmala had phoned before boarding, “I am excited!” -----X----- “Open the windows, Bhola, let fresh air and light in the room.” “Looks to be jammed,” Bhola tried to force the reluctant windows to open, “thank god, I shall be out of this unholy place by sun down.” On his... Continue Reading →

Auditor #SundayPhotoFiction

“Go and audit Remo’s Bar and Grille,” boss told Ramesh, “they pay well.” Ramesh detested driving in the summer heat. Air conditioner of his car was not working. He has to brave hot air with window open in his drive through desert like landscape. “Who opens a bar in the middle of no where?” wondered... Continue Reading →

Old Friend #Friday Fictioneer

A gift from her father, the scooty was a symbol of Nirmala’s independece.  “Nimmo, this is for you,” Nirmala still remembered the day when her father presented her the set of keys. There was resistance. “So much freedom for a girl is not good,” said grandma, “she has to go to her in laws.” But... Continue Reading →

Thinker #FridayFictioneer

“What came first, this car or the forest?” friends stopped being surprised at such questions coming from Aashu, the philosopher among us. Most often, Aashu would be found sitting inside the abandoned car that was lying in the middle of the forest. Not much of a car though; more like the chasis that was remaining... Continue Reading →

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