Blogging Makes Me Happy #IAMBLOGGER

I have been blogging for sometime time now. I started to write for the good feeling that came from the ability to combine together pieces of information and synthesise a concise piece. Generally, many people write on a specific area of expertise. I had no specific area of specialisation. I wrote on topics that interested... Continue Reading →

Diversification #Friday Fictioneer

“Youngsters flock to fast food joints,” complained Mangu bitterly, “don’t eat our snacks.” Static profit margin for past several quarters, declining footfall of customers and competition from fast food chains, were becoming a cause of worry, for Mangu Ram and his son Ramesh. “Diversify Bapu,” Ramesh toyed with the model of new store, “Mangu Ram... Continue Reading →

Rivals #Sunday Photo Fiction

The place with low stools, a few low tables used to be their common place to hang out. Abandoned by previous owners, new owners have not taken possession yet. Boys found it an ideal place away from city crowds and their prying eyes. “Guys I have good news,” Rohit said flashing a piece of paper... Continue Reading →

Equestrian Event

“I bet she is here for the annual equestrian event and she will participate in parade of nations this evening,” Sid was looking at the woman in blue jacket riding a white horse. “Lets go talk to her and find out more.” “What event? How are you going to talk to her?” “Be a little... Continue Reading →

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