Reading And Writing Are Not Mutually Exclusive #MoreWritesThanReaders

  This week Indispire asks if India will have more writers than readers in near future? There is no doubt that many people have picked up a pen and / or have started punching keypad of their computers. Writing is a way to express an individual's inner thoughts and bringing  to the forefront. Why so... Continue Reading →

Control Kills Creativity #PromotingCreativity

This week, Indispire prompt asks the question if there exists an inverse relationship between power and culture – when power declines, culture flourishes… If I understood it correctly, power in question is political power that controls life and liberty of citizens. And, culture includes any or all activity like writing, painting, music, theatre etc, all... Continue Reading →

Replace Modi, with Whom?

Recently, I came across two articles. One by Chetan Bhagat and the other by Tavleen Singh. Both Bhagat and Singh are neither blind supporters nor are they ideologically opposed critics of Narendra Modi lead BJP government at the center. Thus, opinion they express carries weight. According to both of them, Narendra Modi is becoming unpopular... Continue Reading →

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