General Election of 2019 : Voters Chose Honesty and Hardwork

Election results are out. There is a clear mandate in support of a particular idea, particular formation, and particular party. There is no doubt what voters have chosen. Voters have chosen a strong leadership, a decisive leadership, and schemes government has worked for five years have touched lives of people. Without changing lives of people... Continue Reading →

A Balanced Approach Needed #FlexiLove

In life we come across all kind of people. Some are very rigid in their belief system and others may be more flexible. As suggested by the prompt, people that are more flexible and easy going are probably win more hearts. These people are considered to be easy going and adjusting type. These people are... Continue Reading →

Control Kills Creativity #PromotingCreativity

This week, Indispire prompt asks the question if there exists an inverse relationship between power and culture – when power declines, culture flourishes… If I understood it correctly, power in question is political power that controls life and liberty of citizens. And, culture includes any or all activity like writing, painting, music, theatre etc, all... Continue Reading →

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