Offering #TellTaleThursday

Sun was setting and darkness was descending, faster inside the mango orchard, on this winter evening. Two men, one a guru in a red robe, and the other his disciple, were drinking country liquor sitting around a woodfire. “Such an auspicious no moon night rarely comes by with all heavenly bodies in a state of... Continue Reading →

Kindred Spirit #BlogchatterA2Z

“Do you know MacMurchie’s are in town?” Sam woke up from his deepest sleep, Shalini was shaking him like crazy. “What on earth is a MacMurchie?” Sam had no clue, he had no interest and he did not want to lose his warm blanket, “is it a new MacDonald burger with a lot of mirchi?”... Continue Reading →

Book of My Life #WOW

This post is written as part of WOW prompt of blogadda. Prompt advices to describe title and chapters of the book of a persons life. This is my story. Title : Title of my book will be Confusion of an Intuitive Mind. From childhood days I have been very intuitive. I could many a time... Continue Reading →

MUDRA Scheme is Encouraging Self Employment

Prime minister Narendra Modi came to power promising to create 10 million jobs per year. However, jobs in formal sectors like manufacturing, trade, construction, education, health, information technology, transport, and accommodation and restaurant has actually not been very successful. Report suggest that job growth The total number of jobs created in the first three years of... Continue Reading →

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