Memory #TellTaleThursday

“I need you home,” late night phone call from retired Gen Avinash Singh Rathore made Shweta neveous, “your brother is martyred; take first available flight; I need you to take care of your mother.” “Major Sanjay Singh Rathore has made supreme sacrifice for the country,” General Rathore, an armed forces veteran, could not believe his... Continue Reading →

Trust Deficit #FridayFictioneer

“Tonight, is the night,” Joy thought, “we shall show the world that humans are not alone.” Working hard in the extra terrestrial observation post in the remote desert, Joy and his team have established communication with aliens from outer space. Language is not a barrier anymore. Joy was entertaining his managers who control research funding,... Continue Reading →

Tree Lined #SundayPhotoFiction

Our small town where I grew up was blessed with the presence of a royal family. Not much of a royalty, more of a small time landlord. Locals addressed him to be the king or maharaja. The approach to royal palace was paved and treelined. A canopy of green provided shade in summer months. On... Continue Reading →

Better Life #FFfAW

“By evening we shall be there,” the man told his son, “I shall get a job and we shall eat properly.” “I want a room,” said the tired and shabbily dressed man, to manager of the cheap hotel, “one that is the cheapest.” “I can give one room, no bed and no toilet,” said the... Continue Reading →

Artist #SundayPhotoFiction

“I want to be a professional artist dad,” Titu announced in the breakfast table. “Son we agreed to you joining an art school,” his father broke the silence and commented, “we thought your fad will pass; now you want to become a full time artist! are you out of your mind?” “Dad I draw well,... Continue Reading →

Soccer Game #FFfAW

It was a morning during summer break. Young boys were gathering in the park to play friendly soccer game. “Hey, where are you off to?” asked A, juggling a soccer ball,   “join us for a game.” “some other time, late for cricket practice,” answered R, ”besides, cannot have a game with three.” A cricket camp... Continue Reading →

Gas Chamber #Friday Fictioneer

He knew he had messed up. He was certain of retribution but not sure how it will come. So, midnight summon did not surprise him. “Go inside the room and pick a paper. Your instructions are there,” a man in the reception informed him. Cautiously, he entered the room, fearing every moment that someone may... Continue Reading →

Omen #FFfAW

It was a bright and sunny autumn afternoon. Rohit was sitting under a banyan tree by the river. This secluded place, away from prying eyes, has been the favorite meeting point for Rohit and Shailaja, for the last few years. Shailaja was aware that in this small town people talk. An independent girl like Shailaja,... Continue Reading →

Escape Route #Friday Fictioneer

Like a zombie, he completed his formalities and tried to fit into his new life in the prison. He still could not believe he will have to spend ten years in this place. He would look at the sandy brown hill separated by a barbed wire fence from his prison window. He would wonder what... Continue Reading →

Snowfall #FFfAW

Admiring the snow covered hillside from his balcony, Amar babu sipped his morning coffee and wondered, “if this unusual snowfall, after several decades, is an indication of climate change?” He and his wife were spending the New Year week in the foothills. “Enjoy the beauty, dear; why complicate matters,” his wife commented while ordering house help,... Continue Reading →

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